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Hybrid Win/Mac

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3D-Coat ist die Applikation zum Übertragen einer Idee von einem digitalen Block hin zu einem fertigen, voll-texturierten, organischen Modell. Sie bekommen alle Tools in die Hand, die Sie zur Erstellung von komplexen, texturierten, organischen 3D-Modellen oder Objekten mit harten Oberflächen benötigen.

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Vergleich zwischen Professional, Floating und Amateur

Intuitive Oberfläche

Sie werden begeistert sein vom professionellen und leicht änderbaren Benutzerinterface. Passen Sie 3D-Coat einfach exakt Ihren Bedürfnissen an, um noch effizienter zu arbeiten.

Gute Verbindung zu Photoshop

3D-Coat und Photoshop können Grafiken mit allen Ebenen hin- und zurück senden - und das mit wenigen Mausklicks, was sehr nütlich für den Texturierungsvorgang ist.

3DConnexion Unterstützung

3D-Coat unterstützt den SpaceNavigator von 3DConnexion. Dieses Eingabegerät erlaubt die schnelle Navigation um Ihr Modell herum.

CUDA Beschleunigung

3D-Coat benutzt die CUDA-Technologie auf modernen Grafikkarten, um das Voxel Sculpting drastisch zu beschleunigen.

  • Per-Pixel Painting speed essentially increased especially for big texture resolution, big polygons, materials dependent on cavity.
  • Export of metalness is possible in Gloss/Specular color workflow as well.
  • New import option for PPP: Import each material as separate UV set.
  • Relative paths to textures in exported OBJ files.
  • When paint with Smart Materials depth channel will replace current one on this layer instead of constant growing.
  • Color picker gets color from everywhere on screen. In color picker dialog clicking outside the picker window will pick color as well. "V" hotkey works there as well.
  • Group # instead of Layer # for default names for paint groups.
  • RMB->Share item/folder works correctly for PBR materials.

Render Room Changes:

  • Rendering quality in render room improved. Now all samples are summarized with gamma correction that leads to much better visual result.
  • Corrected diffuse component rendering. It result with more contrast and pretty lighting. Now PBR looks really better and is well compatible with other engines.
  • Several new panoramas.

Other/General Changes:

  • New splash screen.
  • CUDA and non-CUDA version unified, now all choice performed automatically.
  • Drag&Dropped 3dcpack files will be installed automatically.
  • Faster initial loading.
  • Faster switching between panoramas.
  • RMB over object during navigation will not trigger RMB menu.
  • If you you are in 3D selection E-mode, loading spline will not switch you to 2D spline mode. Transforming 3D spline with gizmo is also allowed.
  • Several options for padding method in Preferences.
  • More/less button supported for stencils.
  • Scripting updated, see Vox object and manual.

Due to the diffuse scattering , we can see that the red plastic is red. And due to the reflection we can see glares on the surface. Metals (steel, iron, gold, copper, brass, silver, etc) are materials without diffuse scattering (diffusion is always black), but clearly marked with a colored reflection.

Copper has a black diffusion and h3 reflection of red color. Gold has a black diffusion and a bright yellow reflection. Silver has a black diffusion and bright white reflection.

How do we see things around us?

We can see things that surround us because rays of light go into our eye bouncing off from the surface of objects. One part of rays scatters causing a so-called diffusion effect (Diffuse), the other part is bouncing off from the surface at the opposite angle relative to the surface' normal causing a Reflection or so-called Specular.


Metals (steel, iron, gold, copper, brass, silver, etc.) are materials without diffuse scattering (diffusion is always black), but clearly marked with a colored reflection. Copper has a black diffusion and h3 reflection of red color. Gold has a black diffusion and a bright yellow reflection. Silver has a black diffusion and bright white reflection.

What is Energy Conservation?

Simply put, the higher the intensity of the reflection, the lower the intensity of the diffuse scattering. That's because the sum of both diffuse and reflection scattering intensity can not exceed the intensity of the ray of light that fell on the surface.

How does material surface's structure influence the reflection?

This can be virtually any surface comprised with micro-relief, tiny pores, depressions or scratches that are only visible under a microscope. This causes the effect of surface roughness, when the reflection looks blurred. If the surface is perfectly smooth, without micro-relief, then the reflection will be perfectly clear.

Realistic Materials

  • Microvertex, Per-pixel or Ptex painting approaches!
  • Realtime Physically Based Rendering viewport with HDRL!
  • Smart Materials with easy set-up options
  • Multiple paint Layers. Popular blending modes. Layer groups
  • Tight interaction with Photoshop
  • Texture size up to 16k
  • Fast Ambient Occlusion and Curvature map calculation
  • Rich toolset for all kind of painting tasks, and more...

Fast & Friendly UV Mapping

  • Professional toolset for creating and editing UV-sets!
  • Native Global Uniform (GU) unwrapping algorithm!
  • Multiple UV-sets support and management
  • Support ABF, LSCM, and Planar unwrapping algorithms
  • Individual islands tweaking
  • Lastly, it is fast, easy, and fun to use!
  • RMB over material allows to re-fill with the material all non-transparent area. It allows easy changing the material used for layer.
  • Blending options for layers are organized better, operations separated into sections, gloss and metalness has now same options.
  • Quick access to layer's blending options - hover over layer, press small triangle that appears on the right.
  • 3D-Coat now can import object space normal maps (with auto conversion to tangent space). It guarantees normalmaps compatibility.
  • Normalmap layer may be locally magnified or reduced with Magnify tool.
  • Normalmapping standardized. Presets for normalmapping introduced. It is in Preferences, Import Dialog, Normalmap import dialog. It was a big investigation - usually software vendors does not share their methods of calculation of tangent space. So I was testing and checking a lot.
  • Normals/Tangentspace will be exported together with FBX, but in Maya you will need smooth normals from menu to show perfectly. Unity catches all well without additional actions (except it's own internal problems that we can't solve).
  • Realtime preview for Textures->Adjust->... Multi-threading optimization applied to adjust operations.
  • Improved interaction with photoshop in case of mirrored UV sets - you may paint on both of mirrored sides and they will be merged correctly.
  • Seamlessness of ppp painting improved, interpolation of pixels from other side is more accurate.
  • Retopo with symmetry improved. Points will be automatically snapped and weld to the symmetry plane. It is especially important in non-virtual mirror mode.
  • New Retopo tool - Scale. It scales clusters individually.
  • Bevel, Select sharp edges got better dialog and realtime preview.
  • Retopo menu is split in 2 parts - Retopo and Bake.
  • Retopo groups has color palette now.
  • Hardsurface AUTOPO disabled if 'voxelize' is turned ON in AUTOPO dialog.
  • UV-sets names corrected - if symbol like “:” happens there - it will be replaced with “_” to be able to export textures correctly.
  • UDIM naming for UV-sets supported with tiled import.
  • Render room improved!
  • Swap YZ option in Preferences (to work with editors that has Z-axis up) globally exchanges Y and Z everywhere (in dialogs, naming, etc).
  • Scripts updated a bit - naming in combo-boxes changed a bit for getting unique identifiers, some functions related to UV selection introduced, command line accessing.
  • Scripts will not be paused on inactive windows.
  • There is possibility to pick pivot point and axis directions in transform tool
  • Rect/Ellipse drawing types in “E-panel” may become square if 'Q' pressed (may be changed in settings).
  • Robot and Preview sphere models are included in the distributive.
  • "Apply" overrides Enter in all tools.
  • Rotate along stroke/strips does not lead to initial round spot in some tools.
  • Better support of high-poly meshes import via File->Import for vertex painting. It works faster and requires less memory.
  • Import images as mesh supports TIFF.
  • Tangent space/triangulation options introduced in Preferences.
  • GUI optimized a bit, FPS is increased.


Texturen malen

Pro-Pixel Painting ist ein schneller und präziser Weg für das Bemalen Ihrer 3D-Objekte. Es erlaubt das ebenenbasierte Malen von Farb- und Displacement-Informationen auf low-poly und high-poly Geometrien ohne anfänglicher Geometrieverzerrung.

Mit dieser Methode können Sie direkt auf Ihr 3D-Drahtgittermodell in eine Textur malen, das ist z.B. ideal für low-poly Objekte für Computerspiele.

Sie können auch eine Normal-Map als Hilfsobjekt importieren.

  • Nicht verbundenen Objekte werden unterstützt.
  • Importieren Sie Objekte direkt über AUTOPO aus dem Menü „Datei / Import“. Es werden Löcher automatisch schließen und zu Voxel konventieren. Erstellen Sie eine praktische und organisierte Mesh.
  • Die Vertex Komissionierung in Retopo Raum wurde verbessert
  • DIe Anzahl der Dreiecke, Quads und n-Ecke sind in der Retopo zu sehen. Jeder Polygon-Typ kann individuell gewählt werden.


Render your scenes mit Antialiasing, Depth of Field, Ambient Occlusion, Alpha Channel und Soft-Shadows. Machen Sie Ihre eigenen Turntables, die Sie sogar mit dem "Upload Turntable" Wizard der Community zeigen können.


Grafiker und Designer sind immer auf der Suche nach Programmen, die Ihnen einen Zeit und Qualitätsvorsprung bei der Arbeit geben. Die meisten Profis haben erkannt, dass sie zum Erreichen Ihrer Ziele mehrere Spezialwerkzeuge einsetzen müssen.

3D-Coat gab Künstlern schon immer einzigartige Werkzeuge an die Hand - und führte dabei neue und fortgeschrittene Methoden bei der Erstellung von 3D-Modellen ein, die so bei keinem Mitbewerber zu finden sind. Darum entscheiden sich viele Profis für 3D-Coat mit seinen Spezialfunktionen als wertvolles Zusatztool. Aber wie sieht die Zusammenarbeit mit den bereits vorhandenen Programmen aus?

Jetzt bietet 3D-Coat direkte Verbindungen zu allen großen 3D-Applikationen - durch die Applink Connection Plugins. Das beschleunigt Ihren Workflow und macht die Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Programmen so einfach wie nie zuvor. Benutzen Sie alle mächtigen Tools von 3D-Coat und halten Sie konstant die Verbindung zu Ihrer 3D-Applikation. Keine Workarounds, keine komplizierten Import/Export-Aktionen, keine ewig langen Dialogfenster oder unbrauchbare importierte Daten.

Die Daten werden problemlos zwischen Ihrer 3D-Applikation und 3D-Coat hin- und hertransferiert. So schaffen Sie eine einzigartige, effektive Produktions-Pipeline ohne Sackgassen.

3D-Coat – Demo | Demoversionen von 3D Software

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