FumeFX 4.0
  • FumeFX 4.0
  • FumeFX 4.0
  • FumeFX 4.0
  • FumeFX 4.0
  • FumeFX 4.0
  • FumeFX 4.0
  • FumeFX 4.0
  • FumeFX 4.0

FumeFX 4.0


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FumeFx ist ein Plugin für 3ds Max, mit dem Sie Feuer und Raucheffekte in realistischer Qualität sehr leicht erstellen können.

FumeFX stellt eine "fluid dynamics engine" zur Verfügung, welche extra für das Simulieren und Rendern von Feuer, Rauch und anderen gasartigen Phänomenen entwickelt wurde. Unter stetigem Blick auf einen komfortablen Workflow und große Praxisnähe wurde dieses Plugin von Sitni Sati, welche durch Plugins wie DreamScape und AfterBurn bekannt sind, entwickelt.

FumeFX 4.0 ist kompatibel mit 3ds Max 2012 bis 2016

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Die wichtigsten Funktionen von FumeFX

  • FumeFX arbeitet mit physikalischen Parametern und berechnet die Effekte daher absolut realistisch.
  • Das GPU-beschleunigte Preview Fenster ist in der Lage Effekte und Szenegeometrie mit Selbstbeschattung in Echtzeit anzuzeigen.
  • Eine Vielzahl von einstellbaren Parametern erlaubt die maximale Kontrolle über das Verhalten und das Aussehen von Feuer und Rauch.
  • Sehr einfach zu bedienende Software. Basiseffekte können mit nur ein paar Mausklicks erzeugt werden.
  • Particle Flow und Thinking Particles werden ausgiebig unterstützt.
  • Die dynamischen Simulationen erlauben eine bidirektionale Interaktion zwischen FumeFX und Partikelsystemen.
  • Annähernd jeder Paramter kann mit MAXScript beeinflusst werden. Dies beinhaltet auch den Zugang zu den Simulatonsdaten.
  • FumeFX bietet dynamische Interaktionen mit anderen Szeneobjekten.


Effectors are the most valuable and the most powerful feature. With just a few mouse clicks, artists can tweak the laws of physics or alter any simulated field based on built-in rules. For example, Effectors can drive setups where vorticity is controlled by velocity, gravity is controlled by smoke color and fire is created in voxels where velocity is above a user-defined threshold. All of this can be further refined by powerful test conditions or even confined to the Effector's gizmo.

GPU accelerated Preview Window

The GPU accelerated Preview Window is another time-saver, providing instant feedback for adjusting rendering parameters. Self-shadows are computed extremely fast and the user can orbit the camera around FumeFX with self-shadows in real-time(1). FumeFX also supports preview with geometry included in simulation.FumeFX has been production proven in titles such as Hugo, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,Thor, Priest, 2012, Skyline, Suckerpunch, Spiderman 3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Superman Returns, Iron Man, The Host (Gwoemul) and various games cinematics such as Warhammer Online, Classic Transformers, Dante's Inferno and others.


N-Sim enables artists to connect many grids together and execute their simulations simultaneously as one big simulation. This approach can be invaluable for increasing the level of detail in scene setups such as a rocket launch.


  • New and faster solver since FumeFX 4.0.
  • Advanced vorticity type.
  • Simulation of nested grids in one go (N-Sim).
  • Powerfull Effectors that can control almost every parameter on a per-voxel basis.
  • Application of various Space Warp deformers on caches.
  • Particle Source controllers provide support for ParticleFlow float and vector channel access. It is also possible to pick any Particle Flow event directly.
  • Field3D and OpenVDB 3.0 I/O support.
  • FumeFX can use Variable Density solver that uses smoke density and temperature as variables.
  • Start simulations from scratch or by using other simulation results as a starting point.
  • Stop, pause and continue simulations at any point.
  • E-mail notifications.
  • Simulation is multithreaded - users can select how many CPU's to dedicate to their simulation.
  • Users can watch the simulation progress in the interactive GPU accelerated Preview Window.
  • Interactive simulation allows user to change almost every parameter during the simulation and see it's influence on the simulation result.
  • Draft simulations can be created in mere minutes for fast previewing.
  • Multiple advection schemes that can minimize numerical dissipation.
  • User has control of which data is written to output files for rendering and further processing.v
  • Wavelet Turbulence algorithm quickly adds extra detail to low resolution simulation caches while preserving the existing overall motion.
  • Retimer is a very efficient and fast method to slow down or speed up caches without the need to re-run simulation.
  • Post Processing module can significantly reduce cache size by optimizing grid size around smoke/fire. It also allows users to decide which channels will be excluded from the final caches.


Sitni Sati's developers go to great lengths to ensure that their innovative software ideas meet industry demands for usability, performance and speed. As such, each element of FumeFX is designed to boost workflow efficiency. The main FumeFX user interface exists as a movable, scalable dialog referred to as the Floater Window. It consists of several rollout groups, of which any combination of them could be stacked.

The majority of FumeFX extensions, such as sources and shaders are conveniently arranged within this interface to allow fast access to any parameter without the need for tedious scrolling from the command panel. Once you have picked all the sources, you won't need to leave the FumeFX user interface in order to tweak source parameters.

During the simulation, FumeFX will not block the user interface allowing the artist to tweak any parameters and see it's effect on the simulation. There is also a status window that displays useful information, such as simulation status, elapsed and remaining time and memory usage. One of the biggest workflow timesavers is the GPU accelerated Preview Window. It produces render-comparable images to give instant feedback on appearance and behavior of the simulation.

FumeFX can also show all simulated data inside the viewports. Depending on the data type, it can be displayed as shaded dots, a vector field, or even as a numerical depiction. For easier navigation, user can even choose to view just a slice of the simulation. Many simulation and rendering controls take the form of versatile AFC and Gradient Controls, which AfterBurn users are already familiar with. When desired results have been achieved, users can save all FumeFX settings to a file. It is easy to create a database of various presets, which can all be loaded or mixed with a few clicks.


While FumeFX already has a rich set of parameters to control simulations, these parameters affect each voxel in the grid equally. With Effectors, users have total control to affect virtually each voxel with its own set of parameters. Effectors enable users to control parameters such as Gravity or Vorticity in each voxel based on input data ( eg: velocity, smoke, 3d map ).

With Effectors you can achieve effects that were impossible to do before. In this video, the Gravity parameter is connected to the Effector. The upper half of the FumeFX grid has inverted gravity which results in the smoke to stabilize on the gravitational boundary.

For example, it is fairly simple to locally control the vorticity parameter based on the voxel velocity, or to set smoke color based on the velocity. In the animation below, Effector becomes active at frame 50 and it set smoke buoyancy parameter locally.

Not only the simulation parameters can be adjusted on the per-voxel basis, but also each field itself. For that purpose, each channel (eg: Smoke, Temperature) have Master Effector slot that can have mutliple Effectors assigned.

Effectors are the ultimate tool for an advanced FumeFX artist.

GPU Preview

With the advance of GPU processing power and increased amount of onboard memory, volumetric rendering is not exclusive to CPU anymore. FumeFX comes with full GPU based Preview Window that supports volumetric self-shadows, multiple scattering and display of geometry.

Wavelet Turbulence

When it comes to fluid dynamics, adding more detail always results in increased simulation times and different fluid flow compared to the same simulation run at low resolution. To overcome this problem, FumeFX uses a new technique called Wavelet Turbulence. Using this technique, the user can run the simulation on a coarse grid and once desired motion is achieved, generate extra detail with one mouse click.

Render Warps

FumeFX 3.0 comes with Render Warps wrapper that allows users to apply modifiers such as Bend, Taper and FFD to their final cache. Weather you need to create a special effect or you have to tweak final animation, with Render Warps there are so much more possibilities. With just a few mouse clicks users can warp their cache files and watch result directly inside the Viewport, Preview Window or in rendered images.

This tool can be a life saver when minor tweaks are required but your project deadline does not allow more testing and simulation runs. With a simple FFD modifier you can easily adjust the fluid flow to match your needs. Example below shows an exaggerated deformation of the FFD modifier without producing any visual artifact.

Spline Follow

FumeFX 4.0 features Spline Follow - a unique tool that forces all FumeFX fields to flow along the spline curve. Numerous parameters allow complete control over the Spline Follow's behavior.


FumeFX Sources are the essential elements of any simulation. They are the container for the various aspects of a simulation including temperature, fuel, smoke and the motion for the simulation.

  • The Simple Source consists of procedurally created emitter, in a shape of box, sphere or cylinder. It can add fire, smoke, temperature, and velocity to the grid or diminish existing. With a Simple Source, it is easy to create wind, candles, torches, blasts and smoke. For customized emissions within each channel, any 3D procedural texture map can be used as a mask.
  • The Object Source can create fire or smoke on any geometric object, which it can treat as solid or hollow. Like the Simple Source, every emitted channel has a mask. Any 2D or 3D texture map can be used (including the ability to use any single RGB component of the map). A simple example of masking is the concept of a fire spreading over a surface controlled by a noise map with animated thresholds. FumeFX VertexPaint tool allows users to specify in which direction the Object Source will emit.


FumeFX comes with two built-in shaders:

  • The Standard Shader has controls for the rendering of Fire, Smoke and Fuel channels. It blends all of them automatically, even if smoke and fire exist inside the same voxel. For the ultimate realism, FumeFX offers the Black-body shader which is based on Planck's law of black-body radiation.
  • The Channel Shader has the ability to render any data channel. This means that user can render smoke, fire, temperature, velocity, or any other channel that might become available in the future, using customizable color gradients.
  • For additional detail, FumeFX shaders can use procedural textures, such as Noise. Texture can be applied using two coordinate systems. With Fluid Mapping, FumeFX creates the impression of a synchronous flow of texture detail with the fluid. With World Space, texture remains motionless, like the mask textures common to 3ds Max atmospherics.
  • Shaders are equipped with AFC and Gradient controls. With their use, color and opacity can be precisely defined with dependence on smoke, fire, or any other channel's value.
  • FumeFX shaders fully support mental ray and finalRender. User can control Global Illumination's strength multiplier to control the contribution of illumination that comes from FumeFX.

FumeFX Burn

Using this World Space Modifier, user can create an effect of soot deposit formation or object color change due to the heat accumulation. It allows smoke, fire and temperature to affect the Vertex Color channel.


The FumeFX interface is simple, intuitive and powerful, but with the power and simplicity MAXScripting users can truly take advantage of the versatility of this plug-in. For example:

  • Any advanced user can read and modify values in each individual voxel, which enables potential control of the entire simulation. Limited only by the user's programming skills, any kind of procedural initialization of the grid or definition of any force becomes possible. For instance, smoke could be pushed away from active light sources based on their strength and attenuation.
  • As a workflow aid, MAXScript enables the user to run batched simulations and renderings with different parameters.


t is a well-known fact that 3ds Max does not support proper blending of various atmospheric entries. Inside 3ds Max, atmospherics are rendered according to their order inside Atmospherics rollout, regardless of their distance from camera, or their potential interaction and overlapping in world space.


  • Es gelten die Systemanforderungen von 3ds Max.
  • FumeFX 4.0 ist mit 3ds Max 2012 bis 2016 kompatibel.
  • Für die Anzeige der Selbstbeschattung in Echtzeit im GPU-beschleunigten Preview Fenster ist eine GeForce GTX 460 oder gleichwertige Grafikkarte nötig.

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