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anima by aXYZ Design

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Menschliche Charaktere in 3D-Szenen werden bei Visualisierungen, Animationen und Illustrationen immer wichtiger. Charakter Animation ist ein spezieller Bereich der Animation.

Die meisten Prozesse können wegen ihrer Komplexität nur von fortgeschrittenen Anwender und Programmierer verwendet werden. Mit anima ist dies nicht mehr so.

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Ready-To-Run Agent Libraries

an(i)ma® uses the award winning line of Metropoly 3D Humans. These digital Actors are controlled by real motion capture data and automatic procedural motions combined with a motion blending system to achieve super-realistic animations.


You can simulate the behavior of a large number of characters with some simple parameters.

WYSIWYG Interface

an(i)ma® uses a simple and intuitive interface that allows for a fast and easy drag and drop editing. A short learning curve allows you to focus on design and visualization without being distracted by the software.

Collision Brain

an(i)ma® combines a sophisticated AI brain engine to predict collisions between agents. The animated characters in the scene will behave realistically.

Spline Path Tool

This tool provides a simple method for creating animation paths to drive the Actors in an animation over formal surfaces such as floors and ramps.

Fixed Path Tool

This tool creates a type of path where trajectories are fixed. This means that the spatial layout of the actions cannot be modified. Stairs

Path Tool

This tool is used to define a 3D geometry of a stair in order to make the Actors in an animation go up and down realistically.

Escalator Path Tool

This tool gives you the possibility to define the 3D geometry of a fully animated escalator or moving walkway and make Actors ride or step on and off them realistically.


  • Efficient geometry handling.
  • On-demand dynamic vertex deformation data loading.
  • Standard, Vray and Mental Ray ready materials.
  • Automatic gamma corrected materials.
  • Exposure control.

To start your animation project you need to prepare your 3D architectural models for import intoan(i)ma®. The imported 3D model will only be used as a reference for the design of the animation paths.


From you 3D modeling package export a simplified version of your architectural model using the standard supported formats: .3ds, .obj.
From an(i)ma® import the geometry selecting one of the importing presets. Once the geometry is displayed in the 3D Viewport, you can hide, unhide or even change geometry colors at any time.


The Walking Surfaces
They are all the formal surfaces supporting walking, such as floors, stairs and ramps that will allow you to design the animation paths.
Vertical Surfaces and Objects
They are not really useful for the design of the animation paths but they can help you understand the spatial limits of your animation project.

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