CINEMA 4D Release 14 Update
Es gibt ein neues kostenloses Update für alle Besitzer von CINEMA 4D R14. Der Hersteller MAXON arbeitet fleißig an der stetigen Verbesserung von CINEMA 4D und BodyPaint 3D. Mit dem kostenlosen Update auf Release 14.025 könnt ihr schon eindeutige Spuren erkennen. Dies kann über den Online Updater direkt aus CINEMA 4D heraus installiert werden.

Das Update setzt voraus, dass CINEMA 4D Release 14 bereits installiert ist.

Das neue Update enthält zahlreiche Verbesserungen, die CINEMA 4D R14 stabiler machen.

Es wird allen C4D Nutzern empfohlen, das Update zu installieren.

Nachfolgend findet ihr eine englischsprachige Auflistung aller Verbesserungen und Neuheiten, die den Workflow enorm vereinfachen werden.

Animation, Timeline

  • Local coordinates now change consistently in Per Object mode
  • Null Object with splinewrap now scales correctly in Object Mode
  • Animation path tangents remain stable after freeze transformations
  • Timeline: Issues with Animation / Timeline and physical sky have been fixed


  • Spline Mask now gets cached
  • Ctrl+click now adds points to splines
  • Child objects move correctly when Parent object is moved in Axis mode
  • Enhanced overall stability
  • Workplane now snaps correctly to joint axis
  • Scaling with the axis now possible even if the value is equal to zero
  • Quantizing with handles now works correctly
  • Knife tool no longer displays incorrect offset
  • Interesection Snap does not snap to irrelevant snap points
  • Live Selection circle no longer vanishes
  • Live selection can be undone
  • Snapping vertex accurately snaps to polygons
  • Magnet tool snap to nearest point now works
  • When assigning shortcut MMB to Rotate Camera command, functionality Ctrl+RMB to change axis has been fixed
  • While drawing a spline, the spline can snap to its own spline points
  • Ctrl+drag spline points has been fixed and works
  • Precision of Raycast selection has been enhanced
  • Axis extension problems in World & Object modes has been fixed
  • New guides can now also be snapped to an object even if that object is selected
  • Issues with inserting spline points in splines has been solved


  • XRefs no longer deletes Sculpt layer
  • Tangent space Normal maps now work
  • XRef/Sculpt: Convert Object selection no longer deletes Sculpt info
  • Sculpting baking: Knife deformations no longer cause displacement artefacts
  • Sculpting: redo no longer leaves no traces
  • Phong shading issue on startup has been fixed
  • Overall stability and performance of sculpting enhanced
  • Sculpted mesh shapes no longer deform on re-open
  • Sculpting message regarding max defined memory usage is back
  • Sculpt and render in viewport stability enhanced
  • Sculpting: fixed odd behavior of Sculpt tool
  • Fixed some interface issues, including scaling baking window, incorrect behavior of sulpting tool circle & misplaced Sulpt interface
  • Increased overall stability of sculpting
  • Sculpting issues with Pull, Drag, Rect, and Inflate brush on small objects fixed
  • Issues with map Baking process has been sorted out
  • Problems with frozen Sculpt meshes and particle emitters got sortet out
  • Sculpting: Smoothing after stamp incorrect behavior corrected

Character Animation

  • Character Advanced Quadruped: Several user interface issues have been fixed
  • Character Advanced Quadruped: Offset for neck controller is now correct
  • Character Advanced Quadruped: Spline_IK_mid_con is now not rotateable anymore
  • Character Advanced Quadruped: Dynamic ear controlls have been repositioned
  • Character Advanced Quadruped: IK neck has been fixed
  • Character Advanced Biped: Creation of thumbs using Ctrl now works
  • Character Biped: Hip_FK_con Child objects now behave correctly
  • Character Biped: Problems with newly added forearm, biceps and bend leg joints has been addressed
  • Issue with Attachement scanner has been fixed
  • BVH importer now takes frame rate into consideration
  • Issue with IK FK has been fixed
  • Advanced Quadruped: Bone Count > new joints and neck (IK) bone count > new now added at the correct hierachical position
  • Issue solved with incorrect handling of strength values while editing Pose Morph target
  • Incorrect behavior of Character object Biped and Insect when binding has been fixed
  • Biped template problem with AddWalk and lift P.Y has been addressed
  • Character object Fish: Issue with IK has been fixed
  • Character object Fish: Tail IK now fully visible
  • Character Wings: Bat digits offset problem fixed
  • Character Reptile: Tail controls are now protected
  • Character object Spine IK transformations now initialy frozen

C++ Api, MoGraph, Python, XPresso

  • C++ API: Fixed issues with the simple Sculp tool example from the C++ SDK
  • C++ API: Fixed issues with BaseBitmap::Arc()
  • MoGraph: Source splines of an editable Spline Mask will no longer remain as Child objects of the converted spline
  • MoGraph: Issues with Insert Vertex Mask on WIN 64 have been solved
  • MoGraph: Selection now also acknowledges layers
  • MoGraph: No more crashes when puting point selections into the Object field of an Matrix object
  • MoGraph: Sample Effector node with Delay Effector will no longer use incorrect matrix
  • MoGraph: Step Effector now works with Cloner and Joint
  • MoGraph: Scaling and Bend deformer will no longer change clone count
  • MoGraph: Empty Polygon Selection tag will no longer output incorrect result
  • MoGraph: Issues with clone cache producing an incorrect offset have been fixed
  • MoGraph: Issues with lofting, cloner refresh of MoSpline, MoText, Matrix and Broken Extrude deformers have been fixed
  • MoGraph: MoGraph / MoSpline refreshing issues
  • MoGraph: Incorrect function of Spline Wrap causing flat objects has been fixed
  • MoGraph: Fixed issue with disabled Apply button in Linear Clone tool
  • MoGraph: MoInstance problem with missing Viewport update has been fixed
  • Python: Calling BaseTag::Message in a Python script will no longer be problematic
  • XPresso: New function in XPresso Editor: Zoom to Cursor
  • XPresso: Now shortcuts S and H can be used in XPresso window
  • XPresso: New Shortcut in XPresso Window for Show All
  • XPresso: Nodes display Performance Intensity value
  • XPresso: Now Curved Connections can be selected without issues
  • XPresso: addressed several minor issues such as typos, incorrect color schemes, and display coloring

Exchange, Fbx, Melange

  • Alembic importer and exporter now included
  • Alembic importer now has an option for selecting the start frame for the import
  • Alembic Particle Geometry baking
  • Alembic: Cyrillic characters can now be used in the file path
  • Alembic: Overall stability and functionality enhanced
  • Alembic: Particles now import as particle geometry
  • Alembic: Generator command in plug-ins menu
  • Alembic: Several issues with imported geometry, Array clones, Feather & Fur and particles have been solved
  • Alembic: Issues with exported render instances, HyperNURBS, Symmetry objects and geometry have been fixed
  • NUKE: Fixed file sequence numbering for NUKE
  • NUKE: NUKE Script now matchES multi-layer EXR rules
  • After Effects Import: Cloner problem has been fixed
  • FBX: Now multiple UVW-Tags with uniqe names can be in FBX Files
  • Melange: Enhanced stability in Melange exports
  • Melange: No more incorrectly-shaped objects after saving as Melange


  • Issues with the Hair UI have been solved
  • Increased overall stability

Interface, Highlighting/Outline, Navigation, Installer, Online Updater

  • Interface: Issues regarding layout and appearence have been fixed
  • Interface: Overall stability and usability have been enhanced
  • Interface: Copying keyframes in the Power Slider doesn’t refresh Attribute Manager
  • Highlighting: Joints highlighting now works correctly
  • Navigation: When moving points of an animation path, points will no longer jump
  • Cursor Navigation: Fracture object + Deformer will no longer affect navigation
  • Installer: Application installation can no longer be unchecked upon installation
  • Installer: Issue with date over restricted runtime has been fixed
  • Online Updater: Download size is displayed correctly

Material, Material Manager

  • Copy/Paste Materials on save will now a request if absolute or relative path should be used
  • Show Sub-Channels missing
  • Physical Renderer & Stick Texture tag lead to incorrect values of VolumeData::back_delta
  • Material editor locked with incorrect icon
  • Lumas shader: Intensity & reversed Normals.
  • No more issues with materials not rendering in Material Manager

Motion Camera

  • Camera Morph: Readability of obstructed camera names has been enhanced
  • Motion Camera: A parametric spline can now be used as a target
  • Motion Camera: Focus control will not affect aperture and shutterspeed and render them uneditable

Physical Sky, Global Illumination

  • Physical Sky: Volumetric Clouds option „Sample Size“ now works fine
  • Physical Sky: Details Tab > „Generate GI“ switch now works
  • Physical Sky: viewport issues have been fixed
  • Physical Sky: Certain materials now render correctly
  • Physical Sky: Project info > Path texture > now works with Physical Sky object
  • GI: Enabled „Discrete Sky Sampling“ now produces a difference in GI intensity
  • GI: Compositing Background for HDR Maps: Diffusion and specular issues fixed

Renderer, Physical Renderer, Picture Viewer, Video Posteffects, Net

  • Renderer: Dynamicly-controlled target distance now renders correctly
  • Renderer: Moving the Live Selection tool around will no longer stop rendering
  • Renderer: No more strange camera values in the Timeline window
  • Renderer: Differences in reflections between Viewport and Picture Viewer have been fixed
  • Renderer: Stability while rendering with displacement maps has been enhanced
  • Renderer: Stacked materials no longer break transparency
  • Renderer: QMC AREA FORCE + refraciton no longer causes faulty depth pass with standard renderer
  • Renderer: SSS & render now work with instances
  • Picture viewer: Picture Viewer filter now works even when currently rendering
  • Video post effects: Watermark, conversion of logo image color profile now work
  • Net: Large files can now be rendered over NET Render without problems
  • Physical renderer: Issue with render artefacts and incorrect render results have been sorted out
  • Physical renderer: Motion blur-producing artifacts and incorrect-looking motion blur have been fixed
  • Physical renderer: Displacement will no longer affect the shadow of transparent objects

Viewport, OpenGl, Stereo

  • Viewport: Pressing O key resets the orthoganal Viewport rotation
  • Viewport: New Gradient (R14): Option to switch it on / off in orthoganal views
  • Viewport: Specular color display incorrect in Viewport
  • Viewport: Content Lib (R14): Camera Matching > Parkhouse animation scene > Viewport visuals have been fixed
  • Viewport: world axis mis-match
  • Viewport: Textures won’t disable Sky material
  • Viewport: Hair brush tool: Aspect and Strength light don’t fit together
  • OpenGL: Alpha textures get displayed with OpenGL
  • OpenGL: No more dark Viewports due to changing of layouts
  • OpenGL: Visual feedback When creating a polygon
  • OpenGL: Light display now reflects the light’s scale
  • OpenGL: Light scale no longer ruins the OpenGL soft shadow display
  • OpenGL: Objects in Viewport will no longer be hidden
  • OpenGL: Images will no longer aquire transparency during camera calibration
  • Stereo: Move in stereoscopic scene will no longer freeze CINEMA 4D


  • Addressed several interface display issues
  • Enhanced overall stability when working with XRefs


  • Problem with Rain and Spline shader fixed
  • Physical tab in camera: Strange behavior of animated shutter has been fixed
  • Spline Wrap does no longer causes faulty motion blur
  • Fixed several issues with Renderator
  • De-selection with right click issue has been fixed
  • Issues with student version have been fixed
  • Displacer now updates with the Proximal shader
  • Browser presets: Pop-up dialog now calculates correct grid coordinatess
  • Quitting CINEMA 4D now terminates thread properly
  • Issues with updates on Mac have been addressed
  • Command Manager: Issues with Commander on dual monitor sytems have been fixed
  • Distribution Content: Some issues with libraries and content have been fixed
Wen jetzt erst oder wieder das Interesse an CINEMA 4D R14  gepackt hat, ist bei uns genau richtig, denn bereits am 10. Oktober 2012 sind wir im Theaterhaus in Stuttgart. Als zertifizierter Partner und Fachhändler von MAXON organisieren wir die MAXON Roadshow in Baden-Württemberg und laden jeden recht herzlich ein vorbei zu schauen! Neben spannenden Vorträgen von Dirk Beichert (MAXON) und Robert Hranitzky ( bieten wir euch an die R14 live zu testen und euch Rede und Antwort zu stehen! Also meldet euch bitte über das folgende Formular an und schaut vorbei! Wir freuen uns auf euch! Euer