Udate für CINEMA 4D Release 13

Es gibt ein neues kostenloses Update für alle Besitzer von CINEMA 4D R13 und BodyPaint 3D R13. Der Hersteller MAXON arbeitet fleißig an der stetigen Verbesserung von CINEMA 4D und BodyPaint 3D. Mit dem kostenlosen Update auf Release 13.058 könnt ihr schon eindeutige Spuren erkennen. Dies kann über den Online Updater direkt aus CINEMA 4D heraus installiert werden.

Das Update setzt voraus, dass CINEMA 4D Release 13.016 oder höher bereits installiert ist.

Das neue Update enthält Verbesserungen, die CINEMA 4D R13.058 stabiler machen.

Es wird allen C4D Nutzern empfohlen, das Update zu installieren.

Nachfolgend findet ihr eine Auflistung aller Verbesserungen und Neuheiten, die den Workflow enorm vereinfachen werden.

Character Animation

  • Advanced Biped: Knee Lock Controller correctly added to the Selection tab of the Bendy Leg Component
  • Advanced Biped: an error in the calculation of IK/FK Blending has been fixed
  • Character Biped: Redundant Use Chest Position control has been removed
  • Character Insect: Claws Tibia and Tarsus have been adjusted and behave correctly, when animated
  • Character Insect: Claws now open and close correctly after scaling
  • Character Insect: Twisting of leg control after repositioning has been fixed
  • Character Insect: Origin positioning of newly created insect character thorax has been corrected
  • Character Bird: Tail Bones of bird character now have even length and orientation after setup
  • Character Bird: Relationship of spine and neck in the bird character template has been fixed. Moving the spine will cause the neck to follow.
  • Character Bird: Bird character element Neck_Base_con+ now protected.
  • Character Bird: Typo in spelling of middle toe has been fixed
  • Character Fish: Spine (Driven) will now correctly follow Master_con+
  • Character Fish: Default Spine HUD has been adjusted to the default appearance of character HUDs
  • Character Fish: Auto Spine problem with Jaw Position has been fixed
  • Character Fish: The Spine (Driven) hierarchy has been adjusted for proper animation controllers
  • Character Reptile: Color of tail has been adjusted according to color scheme of other characters
  • PSR Constraints: The Maintain Original option for rotation constraints now works as expected.
  • HUDs for deleted components will not show up anymore


  • Wrong behavior while selecting XRefs after converting has been fixed
  • Reloading XRefs after modifying the hierarchy will no longer cause freezes
  • „This Project is Corrupted“ message caused by duplicate tags has been fixed
  • A problem with XRefs and the Layer shader has been fixed
  • Undefined XPresso ports referenced XRefs have been fixed


  • Banding issues with linear workflow have been fixed
  • Sketch & Toon: Unwanted rendering of back-facing polygons has been fixed
  • Stereo rendering: Camera Mode Right now works as expected
  • Stereo rendering: Zero Parallex error with eye separation set to zero has been sorted out
  • Hardware Renderer: An issue in which Viewport and hardware renderer did not match has been fixed
  • Hardware Renderer: Speed-up of slow Enhanced OpenGL rendering

Hair, Dynamics

  • Hair: Unwanted clipping of hair during rendering has been fixed
  • Dynamics: Not yet triggered dynamics bodies will not be deactivated before receiving trigger command


  • Outline Selection tool: An issue in which highlighted polygons were visible for invisible objects has been fixed.


  • Includes the After Effects Exporter that supports the export of 3D Data as CINEMA 4D File directly out of AFX

Content Browser

  • Visualize demo content library adjusted according to version

C.O.F.F.E.E., Python, C++ API

  • Expression Editor: Wrong display of line and position error information has been fixed
  • Script manager: An issue in which a new script was created for each additional new script has been fixed
  • Script Manager registers changes to script files
  • Python: Resizing of user areas now works correctly
  • Python: DescID comparison has been fixed
  • Python: BaseSelect:SelectAll now works as expected
  • C++ API: GeClipMap now supports antialiased text
  • C.O.F.F.E.E.: Float values equal to their integer part are no longer evaluated as nil


  • GetGenerator() is now available in the Python effector


  • Commandline error in logfile has been fixed

Wir wünschen allen CINEMA 4D R13 Nutzern viel Spaß mit den Verbesserungen.