Anime Studio 11 PRO - EDUCATION
  • Anime Studio 11 PRO - EDUCATION
  • Anime Studio 11 PRO - EDUCATION
  • Anime Studio 11 PRO - EDUCATION
  • Anime Studio 11 PRO - EDUCATION
  • Anime Studio 11 PRO - EDUCATION
  • Anime Studio 11 PRO - EDUCATION

Anime Studio 11 PRO - EDUCATION

Hybrid Win/Mac

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Als Käufer der Education-Version müssen Sie uns vor Auslieferung des Produkts einen Nachweis für Ihre Schüler-, Studenten- oder Dozententätigkeit erbringen. Am besten reichen Sie diese per Email ein unter oder schicken ein Fax an 07171-99 79 15 15.

Hinweis: Anime Studio 11 ist nur als Englischer Download verfügbar.

Infos zu Anime Studio 10 und 11 erhalten Sie in den Reitern "Beschreibung" und "Features".


Anime Studio 11 Pro bietet eine komplette Animations Lösung für professionelle digitale Künstler um professionelle Animationen & Cartoons zu erstellen.

Mit einer einfach zu bedienenden Oberfläche und erweiterte Funktionen wie z.B. Knochenkonfiguration, integrierte Lippensynchronisation, 3D-Modellierung und Motion-Tracking ist Anime Studio Pro 11 mit modernsten Werkzeugen ausgestattet.


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Revolutionary Smart Bones™

Smart Bones is an incredible feature that reduces or entirely removes distortion around your character's joints - specifically around knees and elbows. Group a set of points and use the Smart Bones control levers to create 3D looking motion that you can easily repeat with the turn of a dial. Smart Bones not only steps up the quality and realism of the bone actions, but makes it MUCH easier to repeat complex movements and control your rigged elements. Smart Bones allow the ability to control Switch layers, Layer order, Layer visibility, Follow path, Flip layer horizontally/vertically, Stroke exposure, Shape effect positioning, Shape effect parameters (like gradient colors), 3D thickness of vector shapes that have been converted to 3D and even more smart bones controls.

Layer Referencing

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 11 - Now you can duplicate layers while maintaining a connection to the original. This enables collaborators to work simultaneously while easily updating changes into respective stages of the pipeline.

Animated Bone Targets

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 11 - Now you can easily switch from one target bone to another when working with animated bone targets. Animating objects where a handoff occurs is now easier and smoother than ever.

Smart Bones Enhancements

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 11 - Now when converting a bone to a Smart Bone dial, Anime Studio will create two actions that extend to each constraint on your bone, preserving the neutral position. This makes working with Smart Bones even easier!

Group with Selection Layers

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 11 - Now you can easily group layers after they have been created with the new Group with Selection Layer option. This saves time and eliminates the need for dragging layers into the group.

Timeline Enhancements

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 11 - You can now show and hide channels on the timeline based on your preferences. This can reduce timeline clutter and help you focus on specific channels for easier editing and animation.

Styles Enhancements

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 11 - Multiple Styles can now have the same name. Anime Studio now references each Style you create or import with a unique ID saving you time and hassle.

Batch Export Enhancements

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 11 - NEW in Anime Studio Pro 11 - New features have been added to the Batch Export panel to make the process of rendering multiple files easier and quicker. Now you can create and save profiles for batches rather than having a specific requirement for each file.

Other New Features

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 11 - The default camera positions now reflect the functionality of a 35mm lens and the Properties panel is now easier to navigate and adds a section for organizing tools. A new preview function allows for faster renders by disabling antialiasing while a new script allows for more shape generation. Viewing your 3D axes can now be done by accessing the View menu.

Library Enhancements

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 11 - Several new display options are easily accessible with a click of a button. Choose how you want your thumbnails to be displayed giving you more control. The new Styles category allows you to save style documents for future use.

Anime Studio Pro Features

Anime Studio Pro 11 includes all Debut 11 features in addition to these Pro 11 features.

Bounce, Elastic and Stagger Interpolation

By applying the Bounce keyframe type to the timeline, any object interpolated will appear to bounce, all within two keyframes. Elastic provides a rubber band effect, making objects spring back and forth before reaching their end point. Settings can be adjusted for each of these interpolation types to change the amount of times the object bounces, the intensity and more. Stagger creates the effect that the animation is stuttering or staggering between two keyframes. No additional keyframes are created for this effect. This is great if you want to create the effect a character is having issue lifting a heavy object, as an example.

Import Photoshop Files

Import your existing Photoshop files with all layers intact. Changes made in Photoshop instantly appear in the imported file in Anime Studio, allowing you to continually refine your Photoshop document. Many Photoshop features are supported in the imported PSD files, including blending modes, layer opacity, smart objects and smart filters. Groups are also supported and can be set up in Photoshop to automatically get imported into Anime Studio as switch layers for quick animating.

Separate Render Process

The Batch Exporter and Renderer are now performed as a separate process. Even if you quit from Anime Studio Pro, the render process continues until the job is completed.

Media foundation

The 64-bit Windows version of Anime Studio Pro 11 will now use Media Foundation. It is no longer necessary to install QuickTime to import popular audio and video formats like MP3, AAC, MP4, and QuickTime. When exporting animations on Windows 7 and higher, the application can create movies using the Windows Media Foundation media library. When exporting animations on Windows XP and higher, the application can create movies using the DirectShow media library.

Random Line Width Refined

In previous versions of Anime Studio, random line width could prove to be a bit jarring from point to point. Version 10 introduces a refinement to this feature by making the thickness between neighboring points more consistent when using random line width. More consistency means a more polished drawing.

GPU Acceleration

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Acceleration takes advantage of your computer's hardware, boosting performance and quality for several layer types while allowing you to see exactly what the tool is doing as you apply a stroke or shape to the Workspace. The performance boost will help reduce pixelation and artifacting when working with certain graphical elements, such as Vector and Image layers.

Adjustable Particle Source

With Particle Layers, you can now use any shape, even ones that contain gaps, as an origin point for your particles. To do this, simply put your reference layer on the bottom of the Particle Layer folder. Turn on "Use base layer as source" in your Layer Settings and you're set!


More scripting access and control. Anime Studio 10 Pro offers advanced scripting support and updates. More functions and data structures of the program have been exposed through the scripting API, allowing advanced technical users to create more personalized tools and add-ons.

Copy and Paste Keyframes

Copy and paste keyframes and animations from one layer to another or even to another document.

Shy Bones

Hide and see only the bones that you currently need.

Egal ob mit dem Charakter Wizard neue Figuren erschaffen werden sollen oder bereits existierende Zeichnungen auf Papier in vektorbasierte Charaktere verwandelt werden sollen – mit Anime Studio 10 Pro findest jeder die richtige Lösung.

Diese 2D-Animations Software vereint raffinierte Funktionen mit leistungsfähiger Technologie zu einem absolut einzigartigen Animationsprogramm für digitale Künstler.

Die wichtigsten Funktionen auf einen Blick:

  • Mit Anime Studio 10 Pro einfach Charaktere erstellen oder eigene Zeichnungen in vektorbasierte Inhalte verwandeln
  • Neue Timeline, Photoshop-Datei- und 64-Bit-Unterstützung beschleunigen die 2D-Animation
  • Smart Bones und Motion Graphs beschleunigen die Arbeit, verbessern den Workflow und führen zu besseren Ergebnissen
  • Eigene Clips dank automatischer Lippensynchronisation schnell synchronisieren
  • Das revolutionäre Knochen-Rigging-System macht auch komplexe Animationen einfach
  • Die richtige Wahl für Fortgeschrittene, Profis und digitale Künstler

Mit der intuitiven Oberfläche, einer Content Library und mächtigen Funktionen wie dem revolutionären Knochen-Rigging-System, der automatischen Bildmarkierung, der integrierten Lippensynchronisation, dem 3D Form Design, den Physikeigenschaften, der Bewegungserfassung, dem Charakter Wizard und vielem mehr liefert Anime Studio 10 Pro fortschrittliche 2D-Animationen und beschleunigt Ihren Workflow.

Eigene Charaktere zeichnen oder fertige Entwürfe importieren

Zum Animieren Ihrer Figuren, Zeichnungen und Objekte erstellen Sie mit Hilfe von intuitiven Tools ein Skelett, das anschließend leicht bearbeitet werden kann. Somit Sparen Sie viel Zeit gegenüber der herkömmlichen Bild-für-Bild-Animation.

Animieren mit Knochen

Sparen Sie Zeit, indem Sie zum Riggen und Bewegen Ihrer Figuren Skelette verwenden.

Verbesserte Zwiebelhäute

Die Zwiebelhäute wurden vollständig überarbeitet und bieten dank der Transparenz-Funktion maximale Kontrolle.


Verbinden Sie animierte Objekte in Ihrem Video mit mehreren Zielpunkten. Das macht die Videoproduktion noch einfacher.

Medienübergreifender Workflow in Echtzeit

Importierte Bild-, Film- oder Audiodateien stehen nach der Bearbeitung in externen Programmen sofort zur Verfügung.

Flexible Bewegungskurven

Bearbeiten Sie Bewegungskurven im Detail, ohne Zeit und Mühe mit Tweening und Zeitlupen zu verschwenden.

Globale Rendering-Stile

Ändern Sie das Gesamtdesign Ihrer Animationen mit einer Auswahl verschiedener Füll-, Strich- und Ebenenvoreinstellungen.

Verbesserte GPU-Beschleunigung

Maximale Render-Geschwindigkeit und Vorschauleistung durch Nutzung der Grafikkarte.

Exportieren in Standardformate

Volle Unterstützung für Flash, Quicktime, AVI und HD-Videos bis zu 1080. Voreinstellungen optimiert für iPad®, iPhone® und Android®.


  • Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 oder neuer
  • 64-bit-System wird benötigt
  • 1.3 GHz Intel Processor oder höher
  • 2 GB RAM werden empfohlen
  • mind. 800 MB freier Festplattenspeicher
  • mind. 1024×768 Auflösung (1280×800 wird empfohlen)
  • CD-ROM Laufwerk (nur bei der Boxversion)
  • Internetverbindung für die Aktivierung
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