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C4D Plug-In - interPoser Pro

Hybrid Win/Mac

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Interposer ist ein Plugin-Suite für Maxon Cinema 4D, mit dem eine gesamte Poser-Szenen mit morphen, Strukturen und den Animierungen in Cinema 4D importiert werden kann.

Cinema 4D Serial angeben nicht vergessen!
InterPoser Pro funktioniert nur bis Poser 9 und Poser Pro 2012.
Keine Unterstützng für neuere Poser Versionen. 

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Die Verbindung von Poser und Cinema 4D.


Interposer ist eine Plug-in-Suite für Maxon Cinema 4D, mit dem eine gesamte Poser-Szenen mit morphen, Strukturen und den Animierungen in Cinema 4D importiert werden kann. Das Plug-in zeigt eine Liste der verfügbaren Inhalte in Cinema 4D, von wo aus ihr Figuren, Objekte, Posen, Requisiten, Kameras und Lichter (unendlich und Spot) in eure CINEMA 4D Szene mit Textur einbinden könnt und habt dabei die Poser materielle Unterstützung.


Ein gültige Cinema 4D Serial wird benötigt!



Runtime Explorer

  • Optimized to significantly reduce memory consumption and increase performance.
  • Includes thumbnail notation to indicate when animation keys exist within Runtime item.
  • Resolves geometry, texture, and readScript references during content and Poser Scene (PZ3|PZZ) loads.
  • Allows Poser 5/6 external Runtime variants.
  • Includes inclusion/exclusion checkbox per Runtime used to limit Poser Scene reference resolution.
  • Ability to increase/decrease number of thumbnail columns.
  • Textual search of Poser content or folders. The results are displayed in a list and a result can be displayed in Runtime Explorer by double-clicking on a list item. Features include:
    – Text or wildcard (* and ?) search
    – Search subfolders
    – Case-sensitive or case-insensitive search
    – Clear results on new search
    – Clear current results
    – Poser file types, folders, and compression as search criteria
    – Uses same normal/selected colors as used by Runtime Explorer
    – Columnar display by type (Folder/File icons), Name (filename), and Location (path)
    – Sortable (ascending/descending), movable, sizeable columns
    – R9+ Only: RuntimeExplorer scrolled to selected result (this feature is not available pre-R9)
  • Save Poses to Runtime libraries.
  • Create new folders in Runtime libraries.
  • Delete content and folders from Runtime libraries.
  • Rename content and folders within Runtime libraries.
  • Copy/Move content and folders within Runtime libraries.
  • Multi-selection support for Delete, Copy, and Move operations.
  • "New-Style Apply" and "Apply only to Selected" options.


Animation keyframe support

  • Insertion at current Timeline frame.
  • Static poses inserted at different frames are interpolated using Cinema 4D default.
  • Insert/Overwrite requester on Pose application if keys already exist within frame span:
    – Insert will take existing sequences/keys and shift them to the right. 
    – Option to shift only selected figures/props or shift entire document. 
    – Cancel aborts animation application.

Hand Poses

  • Dialog allows choice from Left, Right, Both, or Cancel (no application).
  • HandSpread, HandGrasp, ThumbGrasp dials simulated.


  • Prop parenting
  • Figure parenting
  • Auto Hair parenting
  • Smart parenting
  • Standard Cinema 4D Drag-n-Drop interactive parenting
  • Drag-n-Drop Smart parenting

Display Properties

  • Sets the Shading Mode and Style through a Cinema 4D Display tag
  • Box extents as bone or geometry bounding regions
  • Display iPP Base objects as bones in the View
  • Box and Skeleton Styles increase performance in View and during animation playback
  • Display settings available on iPP Figure tag, iPP Object tag, and under Actions tab on main dialog

iPPObject tag

  • Identifies Poser Props, Cameras, and Lights.
  • Display properties: Full, Box, Skeleton
  • Direct Tool support.

iPPBase bone object

  • Figure rigging using iPPBase bone hierarchy below geometry – Each iPPBase bone represents a Poser Figure body part.
  • Props, Cameras, and Lights receive one iPPBase bone object.
  • Zero Body Part, Reset (to pose memorized in Poser - initValue), Zero Morphs.
  • "Use Bulges" switch: enable/disable bulges in bend deformations for Body Part.
  • Bulge "Multiplier" to vary bulge effect per axis.
  • "Hide Zero-Value Morph|Master Dials" switch hides morph or master dials with a value of 0 to reduce dial clutter.
  • Dials grouped into Transform, Morph, or Other foldable groups.
  • Remove dials, morphs, unset morphs, animation.
  • Scales can be converted between propagating or non-propagating.
  • Multiple and parented figures are handled properly.
  • Improved! Dynamic Axial-based weights.
  • Pose application
  • Animation application
  • Animateable through Attributes Manager using standard Cinema 4D keyframing resources.
  • Poser Parameter Window-like support using Attribute Manager sliders:
    – iPPDial tags on each iPPBase represent Poser body part dials (channels).
    – Support for Dial Characteristics with Edit button on each slider. Value, Min, Max, Step settings. Reset (initValue) button.
    – Identification of Master and/or Slave dials.
  • Bulges: Now very close to Poser bulges - Bulge Multiplier may be needed to increase/decrease effect on some bulges.


iPP Tool

  • Allows selection of Poser Camera, Light, Prop, and Figure iPP Base objects. No Multi-Select at this time.
  • Highlight Color configurable in Attribute Manager(9.0+)/Active Tool Manager(8.2/8.5) for iPP Tool.
  • Option to enable/disable body part highlighting.
  • Option to skip conforming Figures for easier posing of main Figure.
  • Option to enable/disable Rotate/Twist control transparency.
  • StatusBar shows currently highlighted selection and tool operation. Bubble Help or HUD can be used as well.
  • Left Mouse Button + SHIFT (over Poser object) to traverse and highlight selection list.
  • Left Mouse Button + SHIFT (not over Poser object) to toggle "Show Hightlights".
  • Left Mouse Button + CTRL to traverse through operations.
  • Left Mouse Button to select and start operation.
    – Select: Select bodypart (iPP Base object).
    – Translate: Translate either about screen plane or along bodypart axis (same as dialing).
    – Scale: Scale either overall scale (Scale dial) or separate bodypart scales (ScaleX, ScaleY, ScaleZ, etc.).
    – Rotate: Rotate both Joint axes or any constrained axis/axis-pair.
    – Twist: Rotate Twist axis only.
    – Universal: Translate, Scale, Rotate all with one visual control!
    Axes can be constrained in the same way as the Cinema 4D tools by highlighting the axial control and dragging. For Translate and Scale, there are also Planar constraints that work the same as the Cinema 4D tools. *X-Y-Z keys no longer used for constraining axes
  • Without constraints, these standard interactive transforms are used:
    – Translation occurs about the screen plane.
    – Scale affects overall scale, not the X,Y,Z components.
    – Rotate rotates both Joint axes.
  • Visual display of current operation mode.
  • Tool settings automatically stored and retrieved from file 'ipptool.prf'.

iPP Parameters

  • Dialog that allows quick selection of Poser Camera, Light, Prop, and Figure iPP Base objects to get at their Dial and other properties.
  • Dockable and savable with Cinema 4D Layout.
  • Displays an Object Manager-like interface on the left and Attributes Manager on the right.
  • Multi-selection added.
  • Double-clicking on object folds/unfolds to object in Object Manager.
  • Drag-n-drop within hierarchy now supported.

iPP PointAt

  • Poser Point At support via iPP PointAt Expression tag added to iPP Base objects.
  • Fully setup in content and scene imports with Point At directives.
  • Point At any object with drag-n-drop.
  • Point At dial automatically added to iPP Base object.

iPP CamFrame

  • Point Camera (or other object) at Figure body part with this tag.
  • Select figure and body part from those in scene using drop-down lists.
  • *OR* use the AutoPoint feature which points to the body part selected by the iPP Figure tag.

iPP IKChain and IKGoal (Unofficial)

  • Rudimentary IK system support via iPP IKChain Expression tag added to iPP Figure objects.
  • Easily set the End and Anchor body parts.
  • Quickly add Goal and Tip end-effector either by drag-n-drop or automatic-creation buttons.
  • Record IK animation with Record buttons.
  • Enable and set IK link body part limits and weights.

Additional Information

  • Affectors are now fully handled to allow such features as body handles to work properly.
  • Portability of C4D documents containing interPoser Pro content between Windows and MacOS.
  • Backward compatibility of C4D documents containing interPoser Pro content will be maintained.
  • Spanish language support (no Spanish documentation yet).
  • Copy-Paste.
  • Recent Content and Scenes.
  • BVH Import.
  • Favorites. Supports both Poser content and scenes.
  • Joint Parameter editing.
  • Texture reference updating.
  • interPoser Ltd support in Pro using Pro Wavefront OBJ import.
  • Dynamic Hair import as Spline or Hair object.
  • iPP Data Folder path so you can set location of .prf files, recents, favorites, IPPLog.txt, and temporary files.
  • Multi-License, License Server support.
  • Master-Slave Creation, Deletion, Editing

R9: 1090...

R10: 1000...

R11: 1010...

R12: 1020.../1420.../1520...

Maxon License Server: 2010.. or 2020...



Cinema 4D-independent Wavefront .obj file import

  • Poser 6+ zlib-compressed Wavefront .obz file support.
  • Uses Import Scale in interPoser Pro Preferences.
  • Group (g), Facet (f/fo), Line (l), Vertex (v), Texture Vertex (vt), and Material (usemtl) support.
  • Lines interpret as Splines in order to support Dynamic Hair.
  • Subdivision of n-gons into Quad-fan+final-triangle (this subdivides n-gons into quadrangles in order to reduce polygon counts and memory usage).
  • Retention of vertex ordering.
  • Normals inverted.
  • Multiple space-separated group (g) and material (usemtl) names resolved.

Automated Geometry and Texture import

  • PathFinder will hunt down obj/obz and texture image files for you.
  • Preferences option on whether to search for alternate image file extensions.
  • You will be offered the opportunity to specify alternate resources if not found.
  • Opt to continue searching for unresolved resources.

Camera import

  • Imports all standard Poser cameras (no Shadow cams) with correct projection.
  • Focal support.
  • Face and Hand cameras load parented and pointing to body part if specified in file.
  • Accepts Camera poses.

Light import

  • Support for infinite, spot, and point lights.
  • Color (RGB), Intensity, Shadow support.
  • Angle Start/End and Distance Start/End support for spot lights.
  • Accepts Light poses.

Cinema 4D :

Versionen teilen sich durch SDK Unterstützung. Cinema 4D reicht als Basis, außer Hair ist gewünscht.

Cinema 4D R12

32-bit, 64-bit, und Universal Binary 

Cinema 4D R11

32-bit, 64-bit, und Universal Binary (32 & 64-bit) 

Cinema 4D R10.5

32-bit, 64-bit, und Universal Binary

Cinema 4D R10

32-bit, 64-bit, und Universal Binary

Cinema 4D R9.6

32-bit, 64-bit, PPC, und Universal Binary (Mindestvorrausetzung für Universal Binary ist R9.521)

Cinema 4D R9.1

32-bit, 64-bit, PPC

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