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PFTrack 5.0


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PFTrack hat sich schnell als eine ausgezeichnete Wahl für High-End Produktion von visuellen Effekte integriert. Zu seinen bahnbrechenden Features gehören schnelle revolutionäre Werkzeuge wie: Integrierter optischer Fluss, Geometrie-Tracking, 3D Stereoskopie, mehrfache Bewegung lösen und pro Pixel Z-Tiefe-Extraktion.

Es wird genutzt von einer großen Anzahl von renomierten Firmen: Sony Imageworks, The Mill, UbiSoft, Riot, Stan Winston Studios, Digital Domain, Cinesite, Double Negative, The Orphanage, CORE Digital, MPC und Animal Logic.

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Camera Motion Key frames

 can be automatically or manually placed to break a shot down into distinct motion groups and each motion can then be assigned one of 6 camera motions. The new solver can then produce a single export that combines these motions. This means you no longer have to break a shot into segments and solve each one and conbine then back together in a 3D system.

PFTrack 5.0 includes support for Reference Frames. High resolution stills can be imported and used to define common points in space to improve solves with nodal pans.

PFTrack 5.0 includes a Focal Length Estimation tool to greatly aid solving. This provides the user with a graphic means to calculate focal length, often improving results.

Fully editable F-Curves within PFTrack make cleaning up tracking data extremely easy and accurate. You can quickly view and edit each individual property of the camera within a graph editor in the timeline – curves can be represented by both linear and Bezier splinesand simply smoothed or edited using the tools provided. Once edited, the new camera solver quickly produces a new camera without the need to totally re solve every parameter in the sequence. Camera and Tracking errors can also have a graphic representation and can quickly be adjusted with instant feedback.

The ability to save tracking data even if a solve fails is a boon for those who need to track long shots. PFTrack 5.0 also allows you to add frames to an already solved shot and extend the tracking data without the need to start all over again. Working with long shots is also helped with fit to Ram playback, this allow you to compress footage to fit into memory without the need to reduce the image quality for tracking.

The addition of, fully integrated motion capture tools provide everything you need to do motion capture tests. The ability to solve for several cameras in a single scene provides a means to produce 3D point cloud data by matching points in each camera. A day or two saved in a Motion Capture Studio by pre planning shots pays for PFTrack in one go!

The, fully integrated image based modelling capabilities allow users to quickly build up 3D environments by using the background image as a guide. The Auto-Mesh tool allows selected solved auto and user feaures to be used to generate an editable mesh. This is a great tool for the modelling of organic shapes and Topologies. Image based modelling tools in 5.0 provide an integrated environment which delivers a much more flexible solution. Perfect for pre-visualisation and animation guidance, textured models can be exported to all major 3D applications.

Focal length estimation

  • Intuative 3D estimation tool
  • Calculate accurate focal lengths with no camera data

Editable F-Curves

  • Edit any camera parameter within PFTrack and resolve quickly
  • Editable visual display of Camera and Tracking errors

Integrated Z depth extraction

  • Extract per pixel depth from moving images
  • View pixel depth as 3D image
  • User defined depth layer generation
  • Export of Z depth data as grey map or mesh 
  • Cross Platform 64-bit application environment 
    Support for Cooke lens I-Data 
  • Review movie
  • New support for Autodesk FBX and Apple Motion
  • Semi automatic lens distortion correction 
  • Comprehensive image manipulation tools
  • Ability to snap user loadable test objects to features
  • Object manipulators to help position test objects
  • Edit range of frames 
  • Improved Survey Data management 
  • Improved matte editing functionality 
  • Matte-feature attachment 
  • Improved image manipulation algorithms 
  • Support for graphics tablets 
  • Improved calibration algorithm, giving more accurate calibrations of difficult shots 
  • Motion capture for matchmoving non-rigid objects 
  • Survey data points to assist calibration of measured scenes 
  • Feature grouping to manage exported data points 
  • Planar and linear feature constraints in bundle adjustment 
  • Improved feature tracking engine
  • Improved free-motion camera calibration engine
  • Per-camera and per-feature statistics (numerical and graph), to help clean up calibration data. 
  • Improved batch manager progress reports 
  • On-screen cache indicator, and improved frame caching algorithm 
  • Improved Shake support, with corner-pin script export 
  • Per-user-feature footage brightness/contrast/etc.. manipulations 
  • Image de-noise functions for improved tracking of noisy footage 
  • Accelerated footage import and playback 
  • Reduced memory usage when auto-tracking long shots 
  • Improved Batch Processing
  • Render an Open GL preview to disk
  • Full Mac OS X 10.5 support 
  • Support for Windows Vista

Graphics Card
Must support OpenGL. 

Working with Large Images
For working with HD and film, it is recommended that a multi-processor system with at least 1GB of RAM should be used. 
A fast disk subsystem for loading large image sequences 
Spreading processing across clusters via batch processing will result in enormous productivity enhancements 

A three-button mouse is required for maximum functionality of the software.

* Machine requirements will vary based on project size and your needs from the software. While PFTrack will function on machines with a lesser spec than these listed, we feel these are the minimum requirements required to use the software comfortably at standard resolution Video Formats (NTSC and PAL). If you have any queries regarding hardware support our support team will be more than happy to assist you with specifying hardware that suits both your budget and projects.

The Pixel Farm PFTrack – Demo | Demoversionen von 3D Software

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