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X-Particles is a robust particle system for Cinema 4D that is made for designers. Unlike other particle systems for Cinema 4D, X-Particles doesn’t require that you know Xpresso or know any complicated programming. Like Cinema 4D itself, X-Particles is a particle system that does a lot but makes it easy and fun to play with and make beautiful effects.

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The much-anticipated 4.0 update to the popular X-Particles plugin is OUT! With this update comes tons of fantastic new features like Circle Packing, Cellular Growth, and a new Cloth simulator!

X-Particles is THE must-have particle plugin for Cinema 4D.

In the same way, Mograph revolutionized animation in Cinema 4D, X-Particles (by Insydium) does the same for particle systems. In fact, if you are familiar with Mograph, you will be right at home in X-Particles. But now, you aren’t limited by how many objects you have on screen. Animate and control MILLIONS of objects with X-Particles.


xpExplosiaFX will become your first stop in the creation of realistic smoke, fire and explosive simulations.

xpFluidPDB / xpFluidFX
xpFluidPBD is a particle-based dynamic solver, ideal for fast, small-scale fluid simulations. Mix with any of the X-Particles modifiers to fine tune and art direct your fluids.

The all-new xpClothFX Dynamics system brings remarkably fast cloth simulations right into the X-Particles workflow.

xpOpenVDB enables you to entirely art direct meshes; you can fine-tune the voxel size and radius scale. Use our filtering system to layer up your effects to take total control of your artwork.

The xpCirclePacker allows you to emit particles while dynamically avoiding intersections. It controls the particle radius and emission point, avoiding overlap.

Our new xpSplineFlow allows you to quickly design and art direct the flow of particles along a Spline.

With xpFlowField, you can drive particles with Splines, or Object Tangents or Normals, use the Cinema 4D noises to art direct your own custom turbulence.

xpStrangeAttractors / xpNewtonGravity
Our new xpStrangeAttractor Motion modifier will enable you to create abstract, chaotic particle animations. With xpNewtonGravity, make realistic gravity and orbit animations. Add an object or multiple objects into the Attractors window, and each object can be given an individual gravitational field.


  • Generate MILLIONS of particles
  • Full Dynamics, Collisions, and Fluid effects
  • Compatible with Hair and Xpresso
  • Illumination based emissions, use Cinema 4D lights to trigger particle emissions from surfaces.
  • Use sound to drive your particles parameters, speed, color, size and much more. Sound has never been this compelling.
  • The FollowPath Modifier has direct access to the Mograph Cloner Object, giving you even greater control over particle paths. Control like never before!
  • New Trail Deformer helps breathe life into your Trails, use formulas or shaders to deform your Trails, add animation for full control over the Trail Object.
  • Our exciting new xpParticlesFalloff will open the door to endless possibilities, from random growth to unique color changing effects. Let each particle become controller of your modifiers.
  • Enhanced Group Object, giving you more control over your particle groups. The group object can be used in 3 different modes, from display only to control over particle properties.
  • Map Modifier parameters from particle data, using splines for detailed control. Bring your simulations to life with our all New Data Mapping feature.


  • INCLUDES 30 X-PARTICLE SCENE FILES to help you get started

Your X-Particles License is Unlocked. This means that you can install your copy of X-Particles quickly and easily with no need to type in your Cinema 4D Serial Number. Your license of X-Particles goes with you no matter what version of Cinema 4D you end up using in the future.

X-Particles is the most fully featured, advanced particle simulation and rendering environment for MAXON’s Cinema 4D. Made for designers, our super fast particle engine enables you to work and render millions of particles and its advanced tool-set gives you full access to everything you need to create the shot you require.

X-Particles has revolutionized particle systems in Cinema 4D.

Controlling your particles is essential. With X-Particles you take total control over your particle simulations using a simple and unique system of Questions and Actions.

X-Particles 3.5 and above adds higher level control through Data Mapping, the ability to control particle modifiers directly from the particles using their age, speed, temperature etc.DY

Using the X-Particles dynamics system, particles can flow, collide and burn. X-Particles enables you to simulate a wide range of physical phenomena and have them all interact under one unified engine, all controlled using the same flexible and powerful system.

X-Particles enables you to render particles, splines, smoke and fire all within the Cinema 4D renderer. A range of shaders are also included for sprites, particle wet maps, skinning color and even using sound to texture your objects.

X-Particles is also supported by popular render engines such as Arnold, Octane, and VRAYforC4D.

Fluid Effects
Version 3 added a ton of new liquid effects including a new FLIP solver for more realistic and faster fluid simulations. All this means faster liquid looks with less time. Skin your fluid sim and get water effects or any viscous liquid.

Sprites, Splines, and Polygons
From motion graphics to organic branching and liquid surfaces, X-Particles offers a wide range of object and polygon generation

X-Particles is built seamlessly into Cinema 4D like it is part of the application. Compatible with the existing particle modifiers, object deformers, Mograph effectors, Hair and Thinking Particles. If you know how to use the Mograph module, you already know how to use X-Particles, it’s that easy.

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