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MARI ist von grundauf für die Bedürfnisse der meisten Artists im Bereich VFX Textur und Matte-Painting zu erfüllen. Mit MARI sind Artists befähigt, detailierte und multi-layered Texturen direkt auf 3D-Modelle zu painten und alltägliche VFX Aufgaben zu lösen. Mit MARI ist es möglich, eine enorme Menge an Pixeln zu verarbeiten und ist dabei ungeheuer schnell, flexibel und so ist es das ideale Tool für nahezu alle Artists in der Pipeline. In der aktuellen Version wird der Workflow nochmals durch triplanare Projektion beschleunigt und das Colormanagement durch OpenColorIO standardisiert. Ausserdem steht ein Import-Export für bestehende, gelayerte PSD Dateien zur Verfügung. Mit der bestehenden NUKE<>MARI Brücke wird das Arbeiten im Team nochmals erleichtert.

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Mari features

3D painting 3D painting without limits
Mari® frees artists from limits of resolution and complexity. With full support for UDIM workflows, you can work with hundreds of high-resolution texture maps as though they were a single tile, using projection paint to paint across several maps in a single stroke. Then, switch to 2D mode to touch up an individual map. With Mari, the only limit is your imagination.

An artist's toolkit of brushes
Choose from Mari’s extensive selection of preset brushes, including a 'healing' brush for seam removal and a ‘slurp' brush for smearing texture; import and work with familiar ABR Photoshop brushes; create any number of custom brushes; or paint through images to add photographic reference detail. There’s even a vector brush for creating and editing vector flow maps.

Layering and masking

Nondestructive layer stack and node graph
Mari’s nondestructive layer system lets you freely mix paint with adjustment layers, procedurals and masks to build your shaders. Whether you’re working in the traditional layer stack, or making and editing connections directly in the node graph, you can reorder, add and delete layers at will; change blend modes at any time; and bake or flatten layers together.

Procedurals, adjustment layers and masks
An extensive range of procedurals—including GPU-accelerated noise and ambient occlusion shading—make it easy to create the look you want. Adjustment layers allow you to filter or color grade your painting nondestructively in real time. Control where paint is applied by painting a mask, using a procedural, or using surface attributes such as edges, depth, backface and even ambient occlusion.

Texture mapping

Support for multiple UV techniques
Mari’s flexible approach to texturing lets you work with either standard UVs, or with multi-tile UDIM UV layouts that let you spread painting out over multiple maps to capture more detail and optimise rendering. Support for overlapping UVs lets you reuse the same texture across 3D models in any shared UV space, while tiled textures make it simple to quickly cover large areas on models.

PTEX and Texture Transfer
If your model is ready before your UVs, start with a PTEX UV-less workflow that lets you adjust texture size on a per-face level, so you can create near-limitless detail where it’s most effective. Then use the powerful Texture Transfer function—for transferring textures between models without matching topology or UVs—to transfer those PTEX textures to a UDIM-based texture map setup.

Quality that scales

Complex geometry handling
With the ability to scale to over one million polygons for a single topology without slowing down, and handle animated geometry with ease, Mari® can cope with the toughest production meshes. Mari can also support thousands of textures per model via UDIMs, each of up to 32K x 32K pixels, so you can create hyperrealistic assets with almost limitless detail.

Realistic interactive preview
Mari’s physically correct interactive preview features shadows, HDR environment lighting, reflections, specular highlights, energy-conserving physically based BRDF shaders, and built-in support for Arnold, V-Ray, Unreal and Redshift shaders, so you can work in a high-fidelity context that closely matches your target platform.

Production pipeline ready

Seamless data exchange
Mari® offers support for industry-standard formats like FBX, OBJ, Alembic and OpenEXR. The built-in mGo System lets you easily round-trip scenes to Autodesk® Maya®. Paint subdivision surface models natively in Mari with viewport smoothing driven by OpenSubdiv. Export textures from channels as individual layers, flattened files or as layered PSDs.

OCIO color management
With OpenColorIO (OCIO) support, you can handle color transforms and image display across multiple applications by setting up a single profile to provide consistent colors across the board. Mari’s implementation eliminates the requirement to preprocess or post-process images into the correct color space, saving time and reducing errors.

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