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MODO – SolidWorks

Das modo für SolidWorks Kit ist geeignet für Profis im Bereich Design und Maschinenbau, die Dateien mit Teilen, Körpern oder Baugruppen aus SolidWorks in modo importiern müssen.

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MODO for SolidWorks Kit
Kit for MODO 701, 601 & 501 (Windows Platform Only)

The MODO for SolidWorks Kit is for design and engineering visualization professionals wanting to import SolidWorks parts, bodies and assemblies into MODO. In MODO, you can select imported the data by appearance, part, body or face and create new layers in MODO to apply materials to specific parts of your design. The Kit also provides provides user interface and navigation controls similar to SolidWorks and PhotoView 360.

How does the MODO for SolidWorks Kit fit in the CAD workflow pipeline?

The chart below shows how MODO for SolidWorks Kit allows you to import .sldprt and .sldasm files from SolidWorks directly into MODO.

“The training videos for the new MODO SolidWorks kit are very informative. They give a good overview of MODO and the SolidWorks kit. I feel pretty comfortable giving MODO and the SolidWorks kit a whirl after viewing the videos. The workflow is logical to a SolidWorks user. The kit is extremely helpful with that. Default MODO can be a bit overwhelming to an average SolidWorks user. Think you guys have a hit on your hands.”

– Anna Woods

MODO provides new levels of control over every aspect of how your model is visualized. New materials can be created or modified and then saved for re-use. Every lighting detail is adjustable, and every camera parameter can be tweaked. A full UV editor is present to adjust how textures are applied across surfaces and there is a full complement of mesh-editing tools to adjust your models or build new ones. You can add props (or people) around your design to provide context or place your design on an image background and cast shadows from your design on the background. MODO’s animation system can be utilized to show how your design is assembled and how it operates. Final rendering can utilize up to 32 processors on your workstation and network rendering on up to 50 workstations is supported. As you render in MODO, you can create separate render outputs for maximum downstream flexibility in creating your final presentation.

The MODO for SolidWorks Kit facilitates the use of SolidWorks® models inside of MODO; one of the most powerful 3D visualization software tools available. As you load SolidWorks parts, bodies and assemblies into MODO, their original appearances and decals are retained. The Kit provides options for efficiently importing your data, providing access to MODO data structures that conserve memory and leverage instanced geometry across the scene. Inside MODO, you are presented with a familiar SolidWorks-style layout and navigation controls, along with drag and drop support for changing materials and selecting lighting environments.

Purchase the MODO for SolidWorks Kit
MODO for SolidWorks Kit

Loads SolidWorks 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 sldprt, sldasm model files into MODO. (SolidWorks Windows 32-bit and 64-bit supported)

Experience Level:

  • All All Levels

Software Required:

  • MODO 701, 601 or 501 (SP2 or later) (Windows version only)
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Enhanced SOLIDWORKS Import
Read in material edits from your files saved in PhotoView 360 (2010); your model opens in Modo with the same appearance and decal information as shown in SOLIDWORKS.

Familiar SOLIDWORKS Navigation
With user interface and navigation similar to SOLIDWORKS and PhotoView 360, you can enjoy a comfortable and consistent set of controls to work with as you take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Modo.

Efficient Tools for Imported Models
Easily reorganize your model data to apply materials; you can select all polygons tagged with the same face, part, body or appearance and put them in a separate layer or make them into a new mesh.

Drag-and-drop Functionality
Choose from the included libraries of materials and studio lighting environment presets and apply them with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Easy Geometry Conversion
Convert bodies and part to meshes or static meshes for further editing, animation or even dynamic simulation within Modo.

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