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MODO – Splash

Mit dem modo - Splash Kit können Sie in Ihrem nächsten Projekt ohne viel Aufwand Spritzer, Tropfen und Pfützen einfügen. Im Vergleich zu den traditionellen Stock Imagery Ansatz, gibt das Splash Kit totale Kontrolle darüber, wie Ihre Spritzer aussehen sollen. Dieses Kit wird auf Ihre modo Version lizensiert, daher ist es wichtig, dass Sie ihre Serial mit angeben.

Dies ist ein reiner Download-Artikel. Es erfolgt kein Box oder DVD Versand. Nach der Bestellung betreuen wir Sie und lassen Ihnen manuell eine Lizenz erstellen. Bitte seien Sie daher nicht überrascht, wenn der Download-Link und die Serien-Nummer nicht sofort nach der Bestellung verfügbar ist. Sie erhalten aber alle Daten von uns schnellstmöglich per E-Mail.

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Splash Kit
Kit for modo 701 / modo 601 / modo 501 / modo 401

If you want to add a splashes, drops and puddles to your next project, the new Splash Kit is designed for you.

Compared to the traditional stock imagery approach, the Splash Kit gives you virtually total control over how your splashes look.

Forget searching for the “right” stock image. You now have control over liquid shapes, color, lighting and camera position to create one of a kind (and royalty-free) imagery.

Splash Kit for modo

  • 145 meshes
  • 5 materials
  • 15 environments
  • 4 assemblies
  • 14 final scenes
  • 9 print resolution images
  • 17 demonstration videos (Total Running Time: 2 hours 38 minutes)

Experience Level:

  • All Levels

Software Compatibility:
modo 701, modo 601, modo 501, modo 401 (SP5 or later), plus all Sample Content installed.

Your Kit will be available for download through your Registered Content page upon purchase. The Kit is licensed to each individual and is not a studio-wide license. Upon purchase, separate downloads are provided for use of this Kit with modo 601, modo 501 and modo 401. Pick the one that matches the version of modo you wish to use the Kit with.

The Splash Kit consists of meshes, materials, environments and assemblies – along with informative video tutorials about their use.

The modo assets are all scaled for the real world, facilitating their use alongside other 3D elements in your scene like water pitchers, faucets or any product that you may wish to integrate. Imagine dunking a new waterproof GPS unit into water or dropping a bon bon into a pool of warm chocolate.

You can position, scale and modify your own unique splashes from the supplied meshes or adjust one of the fully rigged assemblies to derive the exact shape you need.

You can also use modo to replicate the droplets across any surface in your scene to create rain on a windshield, paint blobs on a floor etc.

We even include some final scenes that show you how a complete scene is set up to give you a good starting point that can easily be modified with different camera angles and new materials.

When you are ready to render out your final images, the extensive use of procedural textures means you can render them at print resolution – avoiding potential issues that stem from the finite resolution of texture maps.

Splash Kit Application Ideas

  • Splashes
  • Pouring Liquids / Columns
  • Products smashing through wall of water
  • Condensation effects
  • Rain drops and puddles
  • Sweat beads
  • Paint splotches and drips and spills
  • Sprays
  • Bubbles
  • Watery text
  • Above / underwater cutoff shots (e.g. periscope type effects)
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