is a state-of-the-art all-in-one photogrammetry software solution which automatically extracts beautiful and accurate 3D models from a set of ordinary images and / or laser-scans


Create a 3D model using images, laser scans, UAV or synchronized camera rigs. Mix various inputs to get a visually consistent triangular 3D model. Without any limitations.


Unlimited number of images, unlimited scene sizes, unlimited level of detail. Our algorithms automatically split the problem into smaller parts which fit your hardware the best.

  • Multi core, multi GPU.
  • Every part is processed in parallel.
  • The result behaves as a single model, without artefacts.

Image-based Modeling
Create accurate and textured 3D models using images. Perfect for architecture visualizations, computer games and more.
Video Info:
This video demonstrates a basic workflow in RealityCapture in fast-forward style. A 3D model is automatically created from a serie of photos without any additional prior information.

Mapping and Measuring
Create accurate georeferenced 3D maps, orthophoto projections and digital surface models. Measure volumes and distances.

Large-scale Projects
Create city-scale 3D models, combine tens of thousands of images and laser scans. RealityCapture is the best choice for creating virtual reality content.
Video Info:
This video showcases RealityCapture software in hands of Studio 727. Studio 727 used RealityCapture in national cultural heritage project to create all 3D models.

Paintings Reconstruction
Reconstruct paintings, stitch hundreds of images to produce a single accurate high resolution image.

Cultural Heritage
Combine laser scans and images to create accurate 3D reconstructions. Process thousands of objects quickly.
Video Info:
This is a technology video showcasing RealityCapture from Capturing Reality. The video shows a detailed 3D reconstruction of a historical building and its close surrounding created automatically using almost 30 thousand images and 150 laser scans. (Courtesy of 727 studios)

Fullbody Scanning
3D human scanning for medicine and computer graphics. Create high resolution 3D models.
Video Info:
This video shows how RealityCapture can be used to create a high resolution textured 3D mesh of a person using a camera array. The dataset was gently provided by Ten24.