VUE – Forest Creation

In this volume you will learn to: Customize vegetation, create new solidgrowth species, edit terrains, control material layers, create ecosystems, control global gamma, customize render settings, edit functions, and setup multiple lighting situations for your forest.

Forest Creation | Lessons and Topics

Lesson 1

Customizing trees & plants

  • Mixing vegetation materials between species
  • Customizing vegetation in the plant editor
  • Creating new solidgrowth plant species
  • Adjusting hooking points
Lesson 2

Creating the landscape

  • Customizing the terrain
  • Editing materials
  • Painting in a dirt path
  • Export painted images
  • Assigning slope presence on materials
Lesson 3

Ecosystems Layers | 1

  • Adding plant species to the population list
  • linking terrain painted alphas to ecosystem layer
  • Using dynamic population
  • Controlling size, presence, and density
  • Shadow Maps
  • Custom render settings
Lesson 4

Ecosystems Layers | 2

  • Ecosystems layers
  • Static populations
  • Gamma controls
  • Lighting models
  • Adjusting the sun light
Lesson 5

Groundcover & Lighting

  • Adding detail to standard terrains and converting to procedural
  • Moving ecosystems to Null objects
  • Importing images onto vegetation
  • Creating various lighting situations
  • Using Radiosity
  • Understanding Aerial Perspective
  • Adding Rocks
Lesson 6

Conclusion & Additional Techniques

  • Final Render Notes
  • Gaining more control over painted material maps
  • Terrain Zone Extraction