VUE – Sci-Fi City Generation

Learn to modify altitude productions and create single building generators. Optimize scenes and dramatically reduce render times with several baking techniques. Explore scene lighting techniques and material controlled lights. Users of Vue 7 and higher will learn to create helpful MetaNodes and dependent function controllers. Nearly 8 hours of training, plus, all project scene files included. (Vue 8.4 or higher required for scene files and MetaNodes.)

Suitable for Vue xStream / Infinite version 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 and up. Alternate methods are shown for incompatible and/or versions prior to v8.5 throughout the training. Some key features are not available for Vue version 5 and 6 users, see page bottom for more details about version limitations.


Terrain Functions

  • Part 1 Function Editor Overview Foundation & Building Blocks
  • Part 2 Filters & Mixing Techniques
  • Part 3 Detail Layers, MetaNodes, & Randomization

Optimization & Baking Techniques

  • Part 1 Converting Functions to 32bit Images
  • Part 2 Customization Techniques

Lighting Techniques

  • Scene & Material Lighting

Material Functions

  • Part 1 Material Control & Customization
  • Part 2 Texture Maps & Lights Material
  • Part 3 MetaNode Techniques & Workflow Pros / Cons

Additional Techniques

  • Baking and Building Displacement
  • Matrix Morphing