Export file formats
Export to IGES (.igs), Rhino (.3dm), SAT (.sat), and STEP (.stp) formats.

Polygonal vs. subD faces
Perform two types of exports: either “one-to-one” where each face of the mesh becomes a single planar face in the CAD format, or “smooth” where subdivided faces of the mesh will be combined to define curved NURBS surfaces.

Subdivision Quality
Controls the density of the resulting NURBS surfaces for improved results.

Edge Detection Angle
Determines where weighted edges or fairly sharp angles should be transferred to the resulting CAD data.

Enable Crease Edges
Checking this setting prevents the plug-in from trying to smoothly blend the continuity of surfaces that meet at sharp angles.

Triangulate Invalid
Get improved results when working with meshes featuring very extreme angles between quad edges.

Modo materials
The plug-in uses Modo materials as part of the criteria for determining the final surface breakdown in order to guarantee that there will be an edge along the boundary between different materials.