Motion Design 101

Master motion design with this in-depth online training series from Learn Squared. Quickly advance from learning principles to animating like a professional motion designer.

Motion Design 101 is a professionally guided online training series from Learn Squared. These videos will teach you how to concept and animate your own designs. Expand your knowledge by first learning how motion design is created, then actively hone your skills with guided tutorials using proper animation techniques.

You will learn a variety of tools and techniques to help you build a robust set of skills. From 2D to 3D, illustration to animation, and even some audio, this training series has what you need to get started on a path to a professional motion design career.

With nearly 100 videos, including 7+ hours of training and 29 hours of bonus content, you can start learning now!

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Meet your instructor

Motion Design 101 is lead by Animator and Creative Director Jorge Rolando Canedo Estrada, also known as Jr.Canest.

About Jorge Rolando Canedo Estrada

Jr.Canest has worked as a motion designer at studios like BUCK and Giant Ant, and now works freelance from the Vancouver area.

Previous clients include Google, Facebook, and Adobe. In fact, you may already see his work on a daily basis. He is a featured artist in the Adobe After Effects CC 2018 brand identity.

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What tools do I need to follow along?

This video series features a history of motion design and practical step-by-step training inside of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Before starting the course, it’s suggested that you already have the following tools installed.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Animate
  • Audition

What will I learn in Motion Design 101?

Motion Design 101 is composed of 95 total videos divided into four separate lessons for you to follow at your own pace.

Lesson One: Defining Motion Design

The first lesson is designed to introduce you to motion design. You’ll start with a brief history of motion design, and then breakdown the elements. This will transition into frame-by-frame animation, which includes an overview and practice in Adobe Animate.

This lesson contains nearly 1 hour of training and over 3 hours of bonus content in 16 videos; including 3 motion design videos, 3 animation videos, assignments, and bonus content.

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motion design

Lesson Two: The 10 Principles of Motion Design

In this follow up lesson, you will learn the 10 principles of motion design. Specifically how to use these principles to create good animation. You will also be introduced to Adobe After Effects, where you will learn about compositions, shapes, masks, effects, keyframes, and more!

This lesson contains 1+ hour of training and nearly 6 hours of bonus content in 27 videos; including 11 principle videos, 9 After Effects lessons, assignments, and bonus content.

Lesson Three: Concept Before Animation

After learning the history and basics of motion design, you’ll turn your focus to conception. This is the crucial step in creating your own projects, where you will concept and design an animation.

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In the concept section, you’ll start with a script, make a moodboard, and begin initial sketches with Adobe Illustrator. Then your take your sketches into the design phase, where you will make a storyboard and design a style frame in Adobe Photoshop.

This lesson contains 2+ hours of training and over 8 hours of bonus content in 29 videos; including 7 concepts videos, 10 design videos, examples, assignments, and bonus content.

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Lesson Four: Focusing on Animation

Your final lesson will take you through animation creation. You’ll start with the importance of audio, where you’ll learn about mixing in Adobe Audition.

Next you’ll create an animatic, cleanup your Photoshop and Illustrator files, and move into Adobe After Effects. There you’ll finalize your animation, end even touch base on working in 3D.

This lesson contains 3+ hours of training and over 11 hours of bonus content in 23 videos; including 8 animation videos, 3 audio videos, and appendix, assignments, and bonus content.

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Why should I buy this training?

This training series is designed to help you further your motion design skills as quickly as possible, while still teaching you proper and professional techniques.

The video series is set to your own pace to better educate yourself and grow your skill set. Stop trying to get by using After Effects templates or costly workarounds, and learn how to create everything yourself from concept to final animation. Own your work!

What is included with the training?

You training downloads, coursework, and homework include:

  • 95 total streaming videos at over 35 hours
  • 78 training videos
  • 17 bonus videos
  • Project files (including .aep, .psd, .ai, .png, .fla, .mov, .gif, .jpg, .wav, .sesx)

NOTE: An internet connection is required to stream this training series. You will not be able to download the videos for offline use.

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