• Max 2020 and Arnold Support
    Forest Pack 6 adds compatibility with 3ds Max 2020 including support for Arnold, Autodesk’s powerful new built-in renderer.
  • PFlow Support
    Scatter items on static or animated particles while retaining Forest Pack’s best-in-class randomisation and instancing capabilities.
  • Effects Improvements: Multiple Effects
    Use as many effects as you need simultaneously, including any of the 30 new effects added to the built-in library.
  • New Tree Library
    Quickly populate scenes using Forest Pack 6’s free high-quality starter collection of trees and plants, including 11 new species.
  • V-Ray improvements and Next support
    Render with the latest versions of V-Ray, enjoy improved stability when using IPR mode, and faster proxy loading times.
  • Interactive Distribution Along Splines
    Scatter along splines with Forest Pack 6’s new fully interactive path mode. With controls for spacing, offset, path following and randomisation.
  • Effects Improvements: Maps and Falloff Curves
    Use maps to control nearly any aspect of a scatter using Forest Effects and add falloff curves to manipulate any editable parameter.
  • New Grass Library
    Create realistic grass and ground cover using the new and improved lawn and weed library. Build up layers and customise grass exactly how you want it.
  • UI Improvements
    Simplify the interface for speedy everyday use, or unhide advanced features when you need them to release the full potential of the plugin.
  • Interactive Marker Placement
    Attach items to markers, matching their position, rotation and scale. Editing the marker automatically and instantly updates Forest Pack.
  • Select all dependencies
    Select all of a Forest objects dependencies with a single click including geometry, areas, surfaces, splines, objects and more.
  • Update Manager
    Get new and updated content and install it to your library browser the moment it is released with Forest Pack 6’s new update manager.



Forest Pack offers unprecedented power, speed, and flexibility to create landscapes that look great and render fast. Create scenes that can be viewed from any angle and minimise the need for time-consuming post-production.


Forest Pack has unrivalled animation features. Use animated meshes and proxies then randomise their time offset, or drive playback using maps to provide even more ways to create jaw-dropping VFX for film, animation, TV, and motion graphics projects.


Forest Pack fits perfectly into interactive design processes. Scatters are fully parametric so making changes is fast and easy – which means less time spent updating scenes, and more time spent designing.