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VUE - snowflaKe v3 - von asilefX

Snowflake umfasst Trainings-Lektionen & 45 Beispiele & Projekt Szenen.
Es enthält über vier Stunden Vue 9 / Snowflake v3 Training, die von Nicholas Pellegrino angewiesen werden. Zudem verfügt es über 147 MetaNodes / Plug-Ins + Setups.Steigern Sie die Leistung von Vue mit fortgeschrittenem MetaNodes / Plug-Ins und Erweiterungen.
Sprache: Englisch
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  • AfXVSf1
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snowFlaKe v3 includes Training Lessons & Project Screen Shots:

EcoSystem Randomization

  • Deforestation
  • Eco Material Variance
  • Instance Seed
  • + Eco Material Variance
  • Instance Seed - Distribution

Animated Functions & Graphs

  • TimeMorpher - Auto
  • (Terrain & Material Animation)
  • Animated Snow Cover

Dynamic Graphs & Animation

  • Airplane velocity
  • & switching track targets
  • Air Turbulence & loose tracking

Numeric Filters

  • Procedural Terrain Filtering
  • using Advanced Zero Edges
  • Advanced Material Alphas
  • + Slope Distortion

Dynamics and Animation Controllers

Advanced Sphere Zone (Updated to v1.5)
Use a sphere object's position and size to control a spherical numeric volume within a terrain, material, or water function graph.

Activates boolean switches by outputting a numeric value of 1 when the number of required inputs are met or equal to the condition. Huge time saver for complex dynamics and node controls. Connection inputs can be controlled by dynamic requirements or direct connections to boolean number switches.

Time Cycle
Animation looper and repeater for the time input. Control animation with distance controls, time splines, loop limiter, and exit splines.

Advanced function animation controller with looping options and time splines. Delays and time information are passed to additional Time Morphs for complex animations. Outputs blender ratio for use with combiner nodes or dynamic switches.

 TimeMorpher - Auto
Includes starting and end point inputs for quick setups of TimeMorpher morph chains. Controls inputs and outputs for Color, Numbers, and Vectors. [ TimeMorpher - Auto Additional ] (Container for single input controls)

  • TimeMorpher – Auto Color | Morpher setup for color animation .
  • TimeMorpher – Auto Numeric | Morpher setup for numeric or decomposed vector animation.
  • TimeMorpher – Auto Vector | Morpher setup for vector animation.
  • TimeMorpher – Auto Texture | Morpher setup for texture vector animation.

[ TimeMorpher - Auto - Morph Chains ] (Container for 5 step function keyframe morph setups) Container for included morph chain setups. Pre-connected TimeMorpher morph chains. Includes a 5 step function keyframe morph for Color, Numbers, Vectors, & External Dependency Vectors.

Object Grid Controller Controls
position and size of objects relative to dependents sectional grid and sequence numbers. This node is part of the Scene Grid node group of sectional grid locked controllers.

Size = position snap (Updated to v2.0)
Snaps an object's position to a grid created by an object's size. Snap step amount per axis is definable. Updated for Vue 9 for automatic graph setups when duplicating objects by "copy & paste" methods.

Dynamic Camera Controllers
Camera Orbiter (Updated to v1.6)

Projects the camera's pivot location in front of the camera. Distance can be dynamically controlled by ground or object location, or fixed distances can be used. Includes an optional dynamic focal length and controller object. Any camera can be turned into an orbital camera. [ ] CO - Pitch Switch Controls camera orbiter's reverse pitch using the scale of a sphere. The spheres position is projected to the camera's center, and pivot location. This node replaces prior dependents.

Scene Grid - Camera Batch Render
Breaks down scenes into an automated render by grid sequence. Locks top camera to each grid square, and uses an incredibly small focal amount to remove perspective. This tool has several child nodes for restricting material functions to selected grid sequences. ( See snowFlaKe v3 PDF manual for a more in-depth explanation. )

Sprache: Englisch
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