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VUE - Tips n Tricks 2015

VUE - Tips n Tricks 2015
Three hours of advanced function design and techniques from Vue professional Nicholas Pellegrino. Includes MetaNodes, filters, and scene files. - Trainer: Nicholas Pellegrino - Laufzeit: 174 Minuten - Media Format: MP4 / Flash - Video Auflösung: 1920 x 1080 (1080p) - Dateigröße: 621 MB (.zip)
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Vue - Tips n Tricks 2015

Photometric exposure & lighting techniques

  • Create a linear 32bit (HDR) exposure & 8-bit exposure MetaNodes for controlling photometric values and texture maps.
  • Create independent controls for the Sun light's Specular and Diffuse influence on a scene.
  • Create multiple photometric sun lights.
  • Change specular light intensity and color.


Cloud Color to Density scale function (Advanced cloud colors)

  • Dynamically control function driven cloud controls like color, modulation, and lighting to match cloud layers material scale.
  • Dynamically link function driven cloud controls to cloud layer objects position, orientation, and size.
  • Color clouds with color maps based on cloud density.
  • Fake cloud shadows on cloud layers to add depth to overcast atmospheres. Control cloud shadows independently or dynamically link them to the cloud layer.
  • Design an advanced reusable cloud controller MetaNode and learn how to break down and manipulate vectors, material position inputs, external dependencies, and more.
  • Node types covered in this lesson: External Dependencies (input), Math, Constant, Combiner, Filter, and Noises / Fractals.


Unscaled UV Texture Maps

  • Control texture map scales independently from material and function scales.
  • Mix fractals and functions with texture maps without manipulating texture map scales or positions.

Very useful if you want to assign normal maps to objects but manipulate material channels with fractals, images, or noises.

Accurate Cloud Z-Depth with color functions

  • Create a fast rendering ZDepth pass for all cloud layers precisely matching the ZDepth for the rest of the scene.
  • Link ZDepth controller to the camera's position so ZDepth pass can be easily rendered as an animation.

 Flowing river along spline

  • Use a spline to carve a river into a terrain and animate a water material to conform and flow along the curves of the spline.
  • Design a controller function to match any fractal node or image map to spline curvature.
  • Prevent tearing on terrain effect splines.

Photometric matte projection

  • Setup materials using "Matte / shadow / reflection" for use in photometric scenes, preventing non-matching overly dark material mattes.
  • Setting up camera projected image maps and how to properly save HDR renders for use as projected mattes.


Suggested Knowledge Level:
Familiarity with the Vue interface is suggested.

Playback Requirements:
CPU: 1.5 GHz +, Memory: 512 MB +, HD Space: 1 GB +

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