VUE – Plant Design & Ecosystem Functions

includes nearly 6 hours of training for Vue Infinite, xStream and Photoshop, instructed by Nicholas Pellegrino from asileFX. In this training you will learn to: customize Vue plant species, create custom texture maps in photoshop, and design ecosystem functions in vue. Below you will find more information about each training topic and the lesson contents.

Training produced with Vue 9.5 xStream (standalone) and Photoshop CS4 Extended. Alternate numeric entries are given to Vue users with Vue 8.5 and under throughout the training, in order to match the settings of Vue 9+. Included Vue scene files will require Vue 9 and higher to load. All provided source photographs and texture maps will work with any version of Vue. Included Photoshop files require version CS2 or higher. Alternate Photoshop editing techniques are given to CS2 users that do not have access to the quick selection tool, introduced in CS3.

In 6 lessons you will learn to:

Create various grass texture maps by using source photographs and flatbed scanned grass; Customize several grass species for foreground ecosystems; Design functions to control ecosystem density, scaling, alpha, presence, and underlying materials; Use noise to create curvature and vertical bumps on individual blades of grass; Render alpha maps using Vue trees.

Grassy EcoSystem – Lessons
  • SolidGrowth Overview – Material setup – Custom plant species – EcoSystem setup – Dense grass species – EcoSystem functions p1 – EcoSystem functions p2 – EcoSystem functions p3 – Procedural bump & highlight functions – Finding total unique geometry objects per plant species
  • Creating grass texture maps – Color variation textures – Dead/brown grass texture maps
Treecosystem – Lesson
  • Treecosystem Painting & Population Techniques for High-Res Trees

In this lesson you will learn to: Create high resolution trees for foreground vegetation; Use the EcoSystem painter to apply leaves to trees; Populate leaves and plants onto tree trunks.

Designing a Clover Species
  • Clover texture maps p1 – Clover texture maps p2
  • Species creation & ecosystem setup

In 2 lessons you will learn to: Create color, bump, alpha, and specular maps from scratch, without the use of photographs; Apply texture maps to vue species and create an ecosystem.