Allura – Easy SketchUp Rendering

Allura is one of the easiest SketchUp rendering solutions available.

You will produce high quality 3D renderings in less time.

  • Easy to learn, so you will be creating your first renderings in less than an hour
  • Create fast photorealistic images, since it uses both your NVIDIA video card and computer processor
  • Quick one click presets to save you time
  • Animation – You can simply create animations for your presentations or the web (Plus version)
  • Advanced Material Editor – You can easy customize the materials and even save for later use (Plus version)

Animations – (Plus version)

Animation is typically a short movie you create to communicate your vision and creativity to your customers. A picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much clarity you can share with a short, rendered animation.

Why use animations?

  • Share your design vision and creativity with your clients to confirm requirements or reduce the sale cycle
  • Highlight your products in short movies on the web
  • Use for customer or employee training
  • Present your capabilities at trade shows

What can you create?

  • Fly over your design
  • Walk through your room design
  • Orbit around your new exhibit booth design

How simple is it?

  • Create your scenes and sequence them in SketchUp
  • Setup your lighting and materials (you probably already have this from your base renderings)
  • Quickly configure animation settings, quality, frame size, frame rate and more
  • Render your animation
  • Save to your favorite video format for the web, computer or other common formats
    (.avi, .mp4, .webm, or .ogv)
  • Present to your customers


Your SketchUp materials will automatically work with Allura. Allura gets the color, texture, transparency, etc. directly from SketchUp.

Then you add special rendering properties, such as reflection, or refraction by selecting one of our Material Presets. Each of the Presets selects a base material type, and presets values for a good rendering of the material. You can then change the amount of reflection, Sharpness, or Index of Refraction to find tune the materials.

Advanced Material Editor (Plus version)

  • You can now take one of the base Allura materials or a material in your model and fine tune it to the exact color, opacity and many other fine tuning options to get the exact material you want to share with your customers
  • You can save this new material and reuse it in other 3D designs

GPU Rendering

Allura is specifically developed to bring the power of shading and rendering flexibility to GPU rendering – a strong feature that will speed up your renderings by using the power of your Graphics Processor board and even multiple GPU boards.

NVIDIA Iray® for SketchUp

Allura provides Iray for SketchUp using the Iray+ Rendering engine from NVIDIA.

NVIDIA Iray is a physically based 3D renderer which uses the power of your GPU Graphics Processor to perform the rendering. Iray is physically based in that it relies on computing light paths. Quite simply, most of the pretty settings are automatic: E.g., Indirect illumination, color bleeding, reflections, refractions, soft shadows, blurry reflections, reflective and refractive caustics, volume scattering, etc. You just assign materials and click render. All the rest pretty much takes care of itself.

Full Rendering capability using a GPU processor

Our full-featured GPU renderer eliminates restrictions in today’s technology of graphics card processing units (GPU). Nearly every modern GPU renderer faces the same issues; due to hardware restrictions, only a few material rendering properties are supported – in fact – sometimes 3D artists are forced to only use one or a few specific materials. Not the case with Allura: it provides full support for all SketchUp materials as well as custom materials you create.

Use your own materials

A real breakthrough in Allura is how it’s designed to carry no materials of its own, yet is compatible with materials from SketchUp and other sources.

This never-before-seen flexibility could only be achieved through the engineering of a whole new software design for a GPU rendering engine.

An advanced new material shading core provides Allura with the advantage of representing nearly every material effect in the form of a highly optimized native GPU shader.

True Photorealistic results

Using Nvidia’s latest GPU technology, we developed Allura to take full advantage of the hardware and in doing so we created one of the most sophisticated unbiased path-trace renderers that offers Physically Based Spectral Rendering. Users can expect to produce extremely accurate, photograph-like results that artists won’t stop raving about!

High-end Rendering Features

What users should expect from any full featured renderer is broad support for rendering effects that do more than just the basics such as: proper support for different Illumination models; camera effects; IES Lights; and complex materials and textures. A modern photo-realistic rendering engine must also support the latest state-of-the-art skylight illumination models.

A new, state-of-the-art rendering engine for SketchUp

“Getting our latest piece of technology out the door is a great achievement for our Team! It was a bumpy road we had to travel but seeing the results makes all of this worthwhile! We created this GPU renderer offering such a vast support of material and rendering effects – there is just nothing like it for SketchUp on the market right now.”

Multiple GPU Support

By offering Multi-GPU support, Allura is ready to unleash all of the available GPU power in a workstation at once. CPU rendering will soon be just a memory.

Fully integrated into SketchUp

Allura provides a continuous GPU rendering workflow from SketchUp with an EASY setup. All of your material and light definitions along with your rendering settings are stored inside SketchUp. That makes it easy to return to the same model later and process new renderings, or share render settings with other models..