• Geometry.
  • Texturen mit Poser 4/ProPack-level material support.
  • Props, Kameras, und Lights (unendlich und spot).
  • Pose application: pose, animation, MAT, MOR, Inj/Rem, etc.
  • Morphs inklusive Poser 6+ External Binary Morph Targets.
  • Master-slave controls: FBM, PBM, JCM, ERC, etc.Parenting und smartparenting.
  • Figure locking, JP bulge controls, pose & morph symmetry, body part Sichtbarkeit, einschließlich anderer Verfahren und Steuerungen.
  • Dynamic Hair als Spline oder als Hair objekt.

Plugin Suite

  • Main dialog for import, preferences, and general actions.
  • Live Poser content support für Objekte und tags.
  • Tool für interactives posing und animieren.
  • Die Poser Figuren entsprechen einem Standart Cinema 4D Polygon Objekt
  • Cinema 4D Network Client render-able.

Poser file support

  • PZ3 / PZZ – Scene
  • CR2 / CRZ – Figure
  • PP2 / PPZ – Prop
  • PZ2 / P2Z – Pose
  • HD2 / HDZ – Hand Pose
  • FC2 / FCZ – Facial Expression
  • HR2 / HRZ – Hair Prop
  • CM2 / CMZ – Camera
  • LT2 / LTZ – Light
  • MT5 / MZ5 – Material
  • MC6 / MCZ – Material Collection

Default Poser Scene load

  • A default scene, containing only cameras, default lights, and Ground, will be included.
  • Ability to set any Poser Scene as default.
  • Preference switches to include/ignore cameras, lights, or Ground.
  • Preload of default cameras, lights, or Ground.

Bake Poser objects

  • Convert interPoser Pro Poser Figures, Props, Cameras, and Lights into standard Cinema 4D objects.
  • Poses and morphs are retained.
  • Figure and Prop animation can be converted to PLA animation.
  • Undos can be stored.

Runtime Explorer

  • Optimized to significantly reduce memory consumption and increase performance.
  • Includes thumbnail notation to indicate when animation keys exist within Runtime item.
  • Resolves geometry, texture, and readScript references during content and Poser Scene (PZ3|PZZ) loads.
  • Allows Poser 5/6 external Runtime variants.
  • Includes inclusion/exclusion checkbox per Runtime used to limit Poser Scene reference resolution.
  • Ability to increase/decrease number of thumbnail columns.
  • Textual search of Poser content or folders. The results are displayed in a list and a result can be displayed in Runtime Explorer by double-clicking on a list item. Features include:
    – Text or wildcard (* and ?) search
    – Search subfolders
    – Case-sensitive or case-insensitive search
    – Clear results on new search
    – Clear current results
    – Poser file types, folders, and compression as search criteria
    – Uses same normal/selected colors as used by Runtime Explorer
    – Columnar display by type (Folder/File icons), Name (filename), and Location (path)
    – Sortable (ascending/descending), movable, sizeable columns
    – R9+ Only: RuntimeExplorer scrolled to selected result (this feature is not available pre-R9)
  • Save Poses to Runtime libraries.
  • Create new folders in Runtime libraries.
  • Delete content and folders from Runtime libraries.
  • Rename content and folders within Runtime libraries.
  • Copy/Move content and folders within Runtime libraries.
  • Multi-selection support for Delete, Copy, and Move operations.
  • “New-Style Apply” and “Apply only to Selected” options.